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114161 This way is better 04/11/1976 1B:1 Iowa. General Assembly
114162 President Ford's job rating dips among Iowans 04/11/1976 18A:1 Iowa Poll
114163 Bank readies boys for life 'on the outs' - the ILU Bank has an enviable rec 04/11/1976 3A:1 Iowa Training School for Boys, Eldora
114164 University of Iowa Refocus more than film premiere: Director Jerry Jackson. 04/11/1976 17A:1 Iowa. University, Iowa City
114165 ...And speaking of old timers with vinegar 04/11/1976 1C:1 Women
114166 Pocahontas, Iowa flies in high places. 04/12/1976 1A:1 Air Travel
114167 Military booze problem 04/12/1976 10A:1 Alcoholism
114168 Des Moines amens to O'Hair's resignation. 04/12/1976 1A:5 Murray, Madalyn E.
114169 Census senseless? 04/12/1976 10A:1 United States - Census
114170 A place for trucks 04/12/1976 10A:1 Trucks
114171 Slap in the face 04/12/1976 10A:1 United States -- Foreign Relations
114172 Iowa's Democrats to debate ethics and code. 04/13/1976 3A:6 Political Ethics
114173 More power to alcoholism unit is voted by the Iowa House and sent to the Se 04/13/1976 3A:1 Alcoholism
114174 Mixed-up Lebanon. 04/13/1976 10A:1 Middle East
114175 Ex-United States engineer asks halt to nuclear power - an anti-nuclear rall 04/13/1976 4B:1 Atomic Power Plants
114176 Deteriorating art. 04/13/1976 10A:1 Art - Conservation and Restoration
114177 Male-run girls' sports 04/13/1976 10A:1 Athletics
114178 Altoona Iowa to rent, remodel building for use as a city hall despite lawsu 04/13/1976 7B:2 Municipal Government
114179 Budget hearing scheduled by Area 11 board 04/13/1976 9A:1 Junior Colleges
114180 Damages totaling $3 million are awarded in Polk County District Court again 04/13/1976 9A:5 Justice, Administration of - Local