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114241 Cost of growing soybeans rising; trend is to all-out corn production. 04/18/1976 1F:1 Agriculture - Iowa
114242 Amish families watch the Bicentenial Wagon Train pass a rural intersection 04/18/1976 1A:2 Amish in Iowa
114243 Lawsuit, frayed nerves after bank refuses bank money order - the Northweste 04/18/1976 11A:1 Banks and Banking
114244 Bill House was in prison when he started the wheels turning to establish th 04/18/1976 6E:1 Artists
114245 One Easter? 04/18/1976 1B:1 Passover
114246 Son slain because he was police informer, Goodside's father thinks. 04/18/1976 13A:3 Murder
114247 See moral decline 04/18/1976 10B:1 Moral Conditions
114248 Computer dating - 40 interesting calls. 04/18/1976 3E:1 Computers - Social Use
114249 Coyote boom called peril to livestock, Iowa conservationists are researchin 04/18/1976 1A:1 Coyotes
114250 Witness quizzed in shooting of Winthrop man, Donald Mayner, 19. 04/18/1976 8A:1 Crime and Criminals
114251 Son slain because he was police informer, Goodside's father (Maurice W. Goo 04/18/1976 13A:3 Crime and Criminals
114252 Teamco, Dayton - Hudson suit a tale of corporate intrigue. 04/18/1976 6F:1 Dayton - Hudson Corporation
114253 Welfare reform overdue 04/18/1976 1B:1 Social Welfare
114254 Easter services: the traditional, the innovative in Iowa 04/18/1976 3A:1 Easter
114255 One Easter? 04/18/1976 1B:1 Easter
114256 Iowa's fun-loving Filipinos share their heritage 04/18/1976 5E:1 Filipinos in Iowa
114257 Whose freedom? Ours. 04/18/1976 10B:3 Freedom of the Press
114258 Television given poor ratings in Iowa Poll 04/18/1976 1A:1 Television Broadcasting
114259 Amish families watch the Bicentennial Wagon Train pass a rural intersection 04/18/1976 1A:2 United States -- Centennial Celebrations, Et Cetera
114260 Paying more for less 04/18/1976 1B:1 United States -- Foreign Relations