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114261 'Progress at own pace' ruled out for Hiatt pupils, Des Moines. 04/16/1976 15A:2 Public Schools - Desegregation
114262 'Sex' complaint against doctor is dismissed. 04/16/1976 1A:5 Physicians
114263 Sensational gossip? 04/16/1976 16A:1 Kissinger, Henry A.
114264 Criticism of Iowans' 1975 vote on Mississippi River lock expected - the con 04/16/1976 1A:2 Mississippi River
114265 More debate on expanding river system 04/16/1976 4A:1 Mississippi River
114266 On the threshold. 04/16/1976 16A:1 Atomic Weapons
114267 Bars slaying suspect from using wedlock to seal witness' lips. 04/16/1976 1A:4 Murder
114268 Ex-Iowan, Dudley Gray, to come home to bargain for courthouse. 04/16/1976 5A:3 Courthouses
114269 Job equality enforcement by state hit, civil rights report notes widening g 04/16/1976 1A:1 Discrimination in Employment
114270 Iowa rights study finds wider gap in earnings - the study has been required 04/16/1976 4A:4 Discrimination in Employment
114271 Higher welfare costs 04/16/1976 16A:1 Social Welfare
114272 Long truck ban studies by Governor Ray, weighs American Automobile Associat 04/16/1976 1A:6 Trucks
114273 Dirt farmers need voice, Representative Charles Grassley says. 04/16/1976 15A:1 Grassley, Charles E.
114274 Denied political rights 04/16/1976 16A:1 Government Employees
114275 John Howes, a major figure in the Hynes and Howes group of companies is rel 04/16/1976 8A:4 Justice, Administration of - Local
114276 Explain why officers shot Winthrop man. 04/17/1976 15A:1 Police
114277 A rebirth for Conroy, Iowa's First Lutheran Church - the congregation found 04/17/1976 1B:3 Churches
114278 Unsatisfactory tax bill. 04/17/1976 16A:1 Property Tax
114279 Logjam of boats puts economic pinch on Iowa 04/17/1976 14A:5 Mississippi River
114280 Uncle sam, arms pusher. 04/17/1976 16A:1 Armaments