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114341 Proof of drunk driving. 04/23/1976 22A:1 Drinking and Traffic Accidents
114342 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees asks for a leg 04/23/1976 4A:2 Transportation
114343 Friendly Fire: Chapter 6 04/23/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114344 Iowa Senate approves spending $150,000 for a foreign trade office to lure i 04/23/1976 6A:1 Industry
114345 Representative Edward Mezvinsky urges probe of repair lag at Alton Dam 04/24/1976 6A:4 Mississippi River
114346 Struggle of Iowa's four private banks to maintain their freedom from govern 04/24/1976 12A:1 Banks and Banking
114347 Nick Meyer, a "local boy" comes back to the Refocus visual arts festival an 04/24/1976 8A:1 Authors
114348 Not much help. 04/24/1976 18A:1 Argentina
114349 Mull four cities as sites for the Jerry Mark Trial - Sioux City, Council Bl 04/24/1976 16A:1 Murder
114350 Rubella epidemic hits Drake Campus. 04/24/1976 20A:3 Rubella
114351 State asked to chop $495,000 off Des Moines schoolhouse fund. 04/24/1976 10A:2 School Finance
114352 Convincing Castro 04/24/1976 18A:1 Cuba
114353 Mother Teresa's message: love, service to Christ, Davenport, Iowa 04/24/1976 6A:2 Sisterhoods
114354 Vote for euthanasia 04/24/1976 18A:1 Euthanasia
114355 Private enrichment 04/24/1976 18A:1 Uranium
114356 Friendly Fire: Chapter 7 04/24/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114357 Report pharmacy bias against Medicaid customers 04/24/1976 13A:1 Insurance, Health
114358 Nick Meyer, a "local boy" comes back to the Refocus visual arts festival an 04/24/1976 8A:1 Iowa. University, Iowa City
114359 Expand program for Hancher Auditorium's 1976-77 season. 04/24/1976 1B:1 Iowa. University, Iowa City
114360 Censors for Iowa? 04/25/1976 1B:1 Censorship