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114441 Friendly Fire: Chapter 9 04/26/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114442 Irvin Mahin of near Albia walks behind Baldy, Old Storm, and Star as he wor 04/26/1976 3A:3 Horses
114443 Police Chief jury impaneled. 04/27/1976 3A:4 Police
114444 Governor Ray signs tax bill: one year only, item vetoes plan for 2nd, 3rd y 04/27/1976 1A:4 Property Tax
114445 Demolition of Bankers Trust Building delayed, Des Moines. 04/27/1976 10A:4 Public Buildings
114446 Iowa Senate votes to require disclosure of malpractice cases. 04/27/1976 13A:1 Malpractice
114447 Backdown on helmets. 04/27/1976 14A:1 Motorcycles
114448 Three Iowa banks help send students to Washington, D.C. 04/27/1976 5A:5 Banks and Banking
114449 Council seeks improvement of Des Moines sewer system. 04/27/1976 11A:2 Municipal Improvement
114450 More minutemen 04/27/1976 14A:1 United States - Armed Forces - Appropriations and Expenditures
114451 Dishonored Code 04/27/1976 14A:1 United States Military Academy -- West Point
114452 Friendly Fire: Chapter 10 04/27/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114453 Live where you work? 04/27/1976 14A:1 Government Employees
114454 Medicaid probe expected to find waste, abuse 04/27/1976 10A:5 Insurance, Health
114455 Health care as issue. 04/28/1976 8A:1 Presidential Candidates
114456 Property tax relief may prove costly, Iowa cities and counties may have to 04/28/1976 1A:1 Property Tax
114457 A deserved veto. 04/28/1976 6A:1 Property Tax
114458 Finds chief gave drugs for profit. 04/28/1976 9A:4 Police
114459 Move to bail out local alcoholism treatment centers holding the sack for ne 04/28/1976 3A:1 Alcoholism
114460 Iowa Senate approves malpractice penalties. 04/28/1976 2B:2 Malpractice