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114461 What happened at Alton? 04/28/1976 8A:1 Mississippi River
114462 Three claim they saw Jerry Mark - he is scheduled to go on trial May 10 in 04/28/1976 7A:1 Murder
114463 Iowa House rejects Volga lake project. 04/28/1976 1A:4 Conservation
114464 Wild times in Hudson; Iowa; Tavern curbs spur brawls. 04/28/1976 3B:2 Crime and Criminals
114465 Johnny Walnutseed ear to end; He planted hope - during his lifetime, Robert 04/28/1976 1A:1 Walnut Trees
114466 Friendly Fire: Chapter 11 04/28/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114467 Delegation from the Iowa State Fair Board will ask legislators what should 04/28/1976 6A:1 Iowa. State Fair
114468 Hiding 'underground' 04/28/1976 8A:1 Iowa. State Fair Board
114469 Health care as issue 04/28/1976 8A:1 Insurance, Health
114470 Portugal's bumpy ride. 04/29/1976 18A:1 Portugal
114471 H. Humphrey to tell decision on his candidacy today. 04/29/1976 5A:5 Presidential Candidates
114472 Narrowing the choices. 04/29/1976 18A:1 Presidential Candidates
114473 Iowa Senate mulls making Mitchellville a prison for men 04/29/1976 2B:1 Prisons
114474 65 percent favor death penalty for convicted murderers. 04/29/1976 12A:1 Capital Punishment
114475 Iowa House votes to clip R. Turner's wings by $67,000. 04/29/1976 4S:5 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
114476 Iowa Power income dips 16 percent. 04/29/1976 3A:1 Public Utilities
114477 Boundaries for utilities. 04/29/1976 18A:1 Public Utilities
114478 A drive to keep the Metropolitan Area Recycling Center alive has inched for 04/29/1976 12A:4 Refuse, Utilization of
114479 Iowa hospital administrators are told hospital care costs will rise to $400 04/29/1976 2B:2 Medical Service, Cost Of
114480 Volga lake plan has merit, says Governor Ray. 04/29/1976 2B:4 Conservation