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114521 Friendly Fire: Chapter 14 05/01/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114522 Nude photos banned to prevent inmates' fights 05/01/1976 2B:3 Immoral Literature and Pictures
114523 The rebirth of Nancy Albertson. 05/02/1976 p. 7 Cancer
114524 A touch of integrity. 05/02/1976 1B:1 Presidential Candidates
114525 Better breaks for gifted children. 05/02/1976 1E:3 Children, Gifted
114526 The White Knight of garbagemen, Des Moines. 05/02/1976 1A:3 Refuse and Refuse Disposal
114527 President Ford, the issues and the Iowa farmer. 71% of farmers want change 05/02/1976 1F:1 Agriculture
114528 President Ford details agriculture policy; against federal accumulation of 05/02/1976 1F:4 Agriculture
114529 Value of farmland in Iowa continues to increase. 05/02/1976 3F:1 Land Values
114530 How to get your man to listen 05/02/1976 1E:1 Marriage
114531 Sioux Rapids, Iowa mayor charged with neglect. 05/02/1976 14A:1 Mayors
114532 Iowa Commerce Commission Chairman Maurice Van Norstrand is 'skeptical' of N 05/02/1976 4A:1 Atomic Power
114533 Tulips, antiques and parade at annual Pella festival. 05/02/1976 6C:1 Pella, Iowa
114534 Dutch 'esses', tulips, bologna - and Harry Durkes. 05/02/1976 Picture:10 Pella, Iowa
114535 Both the Des Moines Symohony and Civic Music Association of Des Moines have 05/02/1976 4B:2 Des Moines Symphony Orchestra
114536 President Ford, the issues, and the Iowa farmer. Seventy-one percent of far 05/02/1976 1F:1 Ford, Gerald R.
114537 Central Intelligence Agency propaganda 05/02/1976 1B:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
114538 Long truck battle: What is at stake? 05/02/1976 18A:1 Trucks
114539 Pursuit of happiness 05/02/1976 1B:1 United States Declaration of Independence
114540 Friendly Fire: Chapter 15 05/02/1976 1A:4 Vietnam - Iowans Killed