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114541 Secrecy on prices 05/02/1976 1B:1 Funeral, Cost of
114542 Iowa City housing law plan could draw heated debate 05/02/1976 13A:1 Housing
114543 Patrol program on burglary prevention - Lieutenant Robert Glenn, Community 05/02/1976 8C:3 Iowa. Highway Safety Patrol
114544 A Fort Dodge District Court Judge (Ed. J. Flattery) is angry jury for rape 05/02/1976 1A:6 Justice, Administration of - Local
114545 Women have freedom, but not pay, say Iowans 05/02/1976 8A:1 Iowa Poll
114546 President Ford, the issues and the Iowa farmer. 71 percent of farmer want c 05/02/1976 1F:1 Iowa Poll
114547 Lady, do you need a job? Here's a guide to help you 05/02/1976 5E:1 Woman - Employment
114548 Women have freedom, but not pay, say Iowans 05/02/1976 8A:1 Woman - Equal Rights
114549 How to get your man to listen 05/02/1976 1E:1 Women and Men
114550 Records for pot-users. 05/03/1976 8A:1 Marijuana
114551 The mystery of the missing $59,000 in municipal utility money has shaken th 05/03/1976 1A:1 Embezzlement
114552 Unconstitutional funding 05/03/1976 8A:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
114553 Good new, bad news 05/03/1976 8A:1 United States Commerce
114554 Friendly Fire: Chapter 16 05/03/1976 1A:4 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114555 Dictatorship upheld 05/03/1976 8A:1 India
114556 UNI-Dome, passers pass first grid tests 05/03/1976 1S:1 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
114557 The tables are turned. 05/04/1976 16A:1 Presidential Candidates
114558 Waterloo in suit to block tax boost lid, Mayor L. Rooff calls new law unfai 05/04/1976 1A:6 Property Tax
114559 2 high schools can be merged, panel is told, Des Moines. 05/04/1976 10A:1 Public Schools
114560 Register's James Risser wins Pulitzer Prize. 05/04/1976 1A:4 Pulitzer Prizes