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114681 Comedian Bob Hope grimaces as Donald Moeller, vice-president for academic a 05/10/1976 7A:2 Saint Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa
114682 Iowa City peddles controversial crime van - the controversial $12,000 mobil 05/10/1976 5A:2 Crime and Criminals
114683 Why won't United States talk? 05/10/1976 8A:1 United States -- Foreign Relations
114684 Friendly Fire: Chapter 23 05/10/1976 1A:1 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114685 Jimmy Carter versus President Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/10/1976 1A:5 Iowa Poll
114686 H. Humphrey versus President Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/11/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
114687 Polk County District Judge Gibson C. Holliday says he feels the name of a d 05/11/1976 3B:4 Candidates, Political
114688 Not much deterrance. 05/11/1976 12A:1 Agriculture
114689 A national animal health official is urging an investigation into the possi 05/11/1976 3A:5 Acupuncture
114690 Changes on adoptions. 05/11/1976 12A:1 Adoption
114691 Residents of an apartment building at 2600 Kingman Boulevard have joined fo 05/11/1976 11A:1 Lead Poisoning
114692 A total of 271 local governmental units will be affected this year by the 9 05/11/1976 13A:1 Local Finance
114693 Deadly exports. 05/11/1976 12A:1 Nuclear Fuels
114694 Legislature's failure to approve education aid stymies students - the Iowa 05/11/1976 4A:1 College Students - Aid
114695 Iowa Senate votes not to reopen talks on criminal code. 05/11/1976 4A:1 Crime and Criminals
114696 A compromise has been offered in a dispute between Des Moines and Polk Coun 05/11/1976 1A:1 Social Welfare
114697 The State Historical Board votes to continue to display about 113 tattered 05/11/1976 5A:1 Flags
114698 The Iowa Supreme Court will hear arguments on a controversial Linn County D 05/11/1976 1A:2 Freedom of the Press
114699 Negotiators for the Des Moines Area Community College and the school's facu 05/11/1976 6A:1 Teachers - Salaries
114700 Investigating itself 05/11/1976 12A:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency