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114861 Iowa anesthesiologists vote against a work slowdown, deciding instead to le 05/20/1976 1A:2 Malpractice
114862 Iowa firm linked to meat probe. Chicago branch of Dubuque Packing Company 05/20/1976 1A:1 Meat Industry and Trade
114863 The Des Moines Ingersoll Theater at 3711 Ingersoll Avenue will become the l 05/20/1976 1A:5 Moving Picture Theaters
114864 Recruiters at work 05/20/1976 18A:1 Athletes
114865 Probe abuse at Woodbury County Home, Sioux City, Iowa. 05/20/1976 7B:1 Nursing Homes
114866 Des Moines schools, city at odds on pollution inspection fees. 05/20/1976 3A:2 School Finance
114867 Cedar Rapids officers miffed, judge frees drunk driver early. 05/20/1976 5A:3 Drinking and Traffic Accidents
114868 Senate-House conference committee considering a revision of the state's cri 05/20/1976 8A:6 Drinking and Traffic Accidents
114869 Survey finds more Iowa children using drugs, starting younger. 05/20/1976 10A:3 Drugs
114870 Friendly Fire: Chapter 33 05/20/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114871 Failure of young adults to vote cuts President Ford support in primaries 05/20/1976 13A:2 Gallup Poll
114872 Iowa House passes pension plan for lawmen, firemen 05/20/1976 3A:4 Government Employees - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
114873 The Iowa House approves a 4.7 percent cost-of-living pay increase for most 05/20/1976 6B:3 Government Employees - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
114874 Gary Frazer is found guilty of first degree murder in a case stemming from 05/20/1976 1A:4 Justice, Administration of - Local
114875 Former Iowans pose for 'Pullman Gothic' - students in the Cinema Guild at W 05/20/1976 1B:1 Wood, Grant
114876 County zoning proposal loses in Iowa Senate 05/20/1976 9A:1 Zoning
114877 A hearing is conducted on an appeal from a Cedar Falls police lieutenant wh 05/21/1976 3A:5 Police
114878 Cart before the horse 05/21/1976 18A:1 Prisons
114879 Polk County Sheriff Dick Clemens is basing re-election bid on new jail, ant 05/21/1976 12A:1 Candidates, Political
114880 State plans to measure progress of Des Moines school desegregation. 05/21/1976 6A:1 Public Schools - Desegregation