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114981 Where were watchdogs? 05/26/1976 10A:1 Congressmen
114982 Iowa Senate-House conference committee considers a proposed criminal code r 05/26/1976 1A:4 Crime and Criminals
114983 No prosecution of Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS) agents seen. 05/26/1976 4A:2 Drugs
114984 Iowa House votes $101.8 million appropriations 05/26/1976 6B:4 State Finance
114985 Iowa Senate-House conference committee considers a proposed criminal code r 05/26/1976 1A:4 Firearms
114986 President Ford's lead over Ronald Reagan in eroding, Gallup finds 05/26/1976 2B:5 Gallup Poll
114987 Federal judge paid $37,760 to 'twiddle thumbs, do nothing' -- John King, S 05/26/1976 1A:2 Judges
114988 Second-guessing jurors 05/26/1976 10A:1 Judges
114989 Second-guessing jurors. 05/26/1976 10A:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
114990 Iowans: Richard Nixon's last China trip 'a mistake' 05/26/1976 8A:1 Iowa Poll
114991 Pornography rally draws 175 to the Iowa Statehouse steps 05/26/1976 5A:2 Immoral Literature and Pictures
114992 Bob E. Rice is top spender among Democrats in Polk County Sheriff's race. 05/27/1976 6B:3 Campaign Funds
114993 Democrat's 2 to 1 edge will be major GOP problem, Gallup says 05/27/1976 4A:3 Presidential Candidates
114994 Down to the wire 05/27/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
114995 Iowa House approved delay for study of prison plan 05/27/1976 15A:2 Prisons
114996 Democrat Dan Kauzlarich a veteran area officer. 05/27/1976 9A:1 Candidates, Political
114997 Gear from Iowa's last Chinese laundry to museum in Independence. Lee Wong, 05/27/1976 15A:5 Chinese in Iowa
114998 Iowa town's surprise for tricentennial - The surprise is an estimated $54,3 05/27/1976 1A:4 American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration
114999 Israeli peace plan. 05/27/1976 14A:1 Middle East
115000 Lieutenant Loren Dykeman of the Iowa Highway Patrol says authorities have s 05/27/1976 3A:6 Automobiles - Used