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114981 Twelfth, final jury member selected in Mark murder trial. 05/28/1976 17A:1 Murder
114982 Bailout for shipbuilders? 05/28/1976 22A:1 Ships
114983 A mismanged acgency 05/28/1976 22A:1 Discrimination
114984 Bailout for shipbuilders? 05/28/1976 22A:1 United States Navy
114985 Living in a log cabin - the Paul Burrack home, Stone City, Iowa 05/28/1976 1B:1 Houses
114986 Des Moines City Councilman Robert Scott, junior, tells the council that you 05/28/1976 3A:1 Juvenile Delinquency
114987 Governor Jerry Brown's supporters mount all-out effort for Iowa delegate su 05/29/1976 2B:1 Presidential Candidates
114988 Buying time on corrections 05/29/1976 12A:1 Prisons
114989 Democrat James Moran points to police experience. 05/29/1976 11A:5 Candidates, Political
114990 A 10-point plan for improving student performance in the basic academic ski 05/29/1976 9A:4 Public Schools
114991 Proof of rape. 05/29/1976 12A:1 Rape
114992 Celebrating leisure. 05/29/1976 12A:1 Memorial Day
114993 Iowa hospital's Mayo Clinic link - the 60-bed Stewart Memorial Community Ho 05/29/1976 1B:1 Medical Service
114994 American history has replaced "obscenity" as the top drawing card at the De 05/29/1976 3A:2 Art - Exhibitions
114995 Judge Carroll E. Engelkes rules Jerry Mark's wife need not testify. 05/29/1976 1A:5 Murder
114996 Senate OKs $21,000 for illegal contract on Allamakee County courthouse repa 05/29/1976 14A:5 Courthouses
114997 Criminal code revision voted, legislative session seen ending May 29, 1976. 05/29/1976 1A:5 Crime and Criminals
114998 Criminal code revision voted, legislative session seen ending May 29, 1976 05/29/1976 1A:5 Iowa. General Assembly
114999 A federal administrative law judge who has been paid a $37,760 annual salar 05/29/1976 1A:6 Judges
115000 Cedar Rapids woman still fit at 89 - Dr. Mabel Lee still fits into her shit 05/29/1976 1B:1 Woman - Equal Rights