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115081 Polk County Sheriff candidates fire salvos 06/04/1976 17A:1 Campaign Funds
115082 Independent vote appears to be key in District 30. 06/04/1976 21A:2 Candidates, Political
115083 Avalanche of absentee ballots in District 67 write-in campaign - Ned F. Chi 06/04/1976 23A:1 Candidates, Political
115084 The public's property. 06/04/1976 22A:1 Public Schools
115085 Irving Junior High closes, and it's a time of sadness, Des Moines. 06/04/1976 1A:5 Public Schools - Desegregation
115086 Iowa's Good Earth--The Beginning of a portfolio, 1975. January 4, 1976 06/04/1976 entire Picture section Photography
115087 Neither rain, nor hail, nor... can stop Clarence Pickard. 06/04/1976 2B:5 Bicycling
115088 Small step on nuclear tests 06/04/1976 22A:1 Atomic Power
115089 Checking on state funds. 06/04/1976 22A:1 Osteopaths
115090 Checking on state funds. 06/04/1976 22A:1 Optometrists
115091 A former co-owner of a California sporting goods shop sold Jerry Mark box o 06/04/1976 3A:5 Murder
115092 Adult enrollments seen as answer to Iowa colleges' need for students. 06/04/1976 3A:2 Colleges and Universities - Iowa
115093 Rent-a-ducks given safe, new homes at gravel pit, Adel, Iowa 06/04/1976 1A:2 Ducks, Wild
115094 Mull appeal of ban on long trucks, Richard Turner hints renewal of long leg 06/04/1976 1A:1 Trucks
115095 $325,000 settlement for paralyzed boy. 06/04/1976 18A:5 Justice, Administration of - Local
115096 Issues for the future 06/04/1976 22A:1 Iowa - Politics and Government
115097 After a stormy discussion the Des Moines Planning and Zoning Commission rec 06/04/1976 3A:1 Zoning
115098 If President Ford is nominated, Iowans lean toward Ronald Reagan as running 06/05/1976 12B:5 Presidential Candidates
115099 Issues vague but conflict real in District 67 race. 06/05/1976 3A:3 Candidates, Political
115100 Intensive campaign nears end in House District 65. 06/05/1976 15A:5 Candidates, Political