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115101 Relief from feedlots. 06/05/1976 16A:1 Air Pollution
115102 Amana Society sues to save Colonies as an attraction - The Amana Society is 06/05/1976 1A:5 Amana Society
115103 Chaos out of chaos. 06/05/1976 16A:1 Middle East
115104 Expert finds bullets match at Jerry Mark trial, Sioux City, Iowa. 06/05/1976 3A:5 Murder
115105 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's message 06/05/1976 16A:1 United Nations
115106 How not to celebrate 06/05/1976 16A:1 United States -- Centennial Celebrations, Et Cetera
115107 How not to celebrate 06/05/1976 16A:1 Violence
115108 Iowa's own Music Man, Meredith Willson, salutes the colors which passed in 06/05/1976 2B:2 Willson, Meredith
115109 If President Ford is nominated, Iowans lean toward Ronald Reagan as running 06/05/1976 12B:5 Iowa Poll
115110 Howard Hughes' will No. 16 from Estherville, Iowa 06/05/1976 1A:5 Hughes, Howard Robard
115111 What else must Jimmy Carter do to be 'certified' as liberal? 06/06/1976 2B:1 Presidential Candidates
115112 15 Iowa legislators face challenges in primary. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Primaries
115113 Difference is style in K. Fulk - J. Murray race. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Candidates, Political
115114 15 Iowa legislators face challenges in primary. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Candidates, Political
115115 Why did R. Turner drop probe of pal? Weak case, he says; others charge pol 06/06/1976 1A:1 Public Officers
115116 Rail lines for recreation. 06/06/1976 1B:1 Railroads
115117 Three Iowa rape victims tell their stories. 06/06/1976 1E:1 Rape
115118 Prosecutor of rapists is mother of eight - Assistant Polk County Attorney, 06/06/1976 p. 4 Rape
115119 Iowa's homebuilding industry is staging a comeback from the slumps and rece 06/06/1976 1F:1 Building
115120 Support for Henry Kissinger 06/06/1976 10B:1 Kissinger, Henry A.