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115181 Des Moines school closings eyed in wake of enrollment loss. 06/09/1976 6A:3 School Attendance
115182 Bob Rice wins Polk County Sheriff's battle; victory by Kenneth Fulk-the Fai 06/09/1976 1A:1 Elections
115183 Ned F. Chiodo scores write-in coup in House District 67 race 06/09/1976 1A:1 Elections
115184 Voting by precincts in Des Moines, Polk County 06/09/1976 4A:3 Elections
115185 Table lists unofficial Polk county returns for June 8, 1976 primary electio 06/09/1976 5A:5 Elections
115186 Voters in Iowa's 99 counties chose candidates for auditor, clerk of court, 06/09/1976 11A:1 Elections
115187 David Readinger upsets William Plymat in Grand Old Party bid for State Sena 06/09/1976 1B:1 Elections
115188 Reforming revenue sharing 06/09/1976 10A:1 Taxation
115189 15 persons have applied to be director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, 06/09/1976 3A:1 Iowa Civil Rights Commission
115190 Tracy Bjorgum, 20 and Ken Bunch, 24, appear in the county clerk's office at 06/09/1976 3A:2 Homosexuality
115191 The owners of an Iowa City bar file a $200,000 lawsuit against the Daily Io 06/09/1976 6A:1 Hotels, Taverns, Etc.
115192 No judicial veto. 06/09/1976 10A:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
115193 University of Iowa graduate program in health administration loses accredit 06/09/1976 3A:4 Iowa. University, Iowa City
115194 Poll: GOP facing real threat of massive defection in November 1976 06/10/1976 4A:1 Presidential Candidates
115195 The voters spoke 06/10/1976 12A:1 Presidential Candidates
115196 Survey: 1 in 4 Iowa vehicles has Citizens Band (CB) radio. 06/10/1976 7B:1 Citizens Radio Service
115197 Poll: GOP facing real threat of massive defection in November, 1976. 06/10/1976 4A:1 Public Opinion Polls
115198 Iowans frown on commercial bribery abroad 06/10/1976 13A:1 Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
115199 Sports are for fun. 06/10/1976 12A:1 Baseball
115200 Shoe prints at Mark farm are discussed at trial, Sioux City, Iowa. 06/10/1976 5A:5 Murder