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115281 Berkeley clerk says Jerry Mark bought gear for 'long trip', Sioux City, Iow 06/12/1976 3A:1 Murder
115282 Georgena Alexander rehired to phone job 06/12/1976 3B:1 Discrimination in Employment
115283 Amish school exemptions grow from two in 1967 to nineteen 06/12/1976 1A:3 Education - Iowa
115284 Politician to the core 06/12/1976 12A:1 Farley, James A
115285 Making Iowa employers pay 06/12/1976 12A:1 Taxation
115286 Approval of Governor Ray very high among Iowans 06/12/1976 10B:2 Iowa Poll
115287 A singing sheriff and the joyful noise caper--along with his deputy sheriff 06/13/1976 p. 16 Police
115288 What Iowans look for in a president 06/13/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
115289 Sees big differences between Citizens Band (CB), HAM radio. 06/13/1976 2C:4 Citizens Radio Service
115290 20 new farm laws passed in Iowa. 06/13/1976 1F:1 Agriculture - Iowa
115291 Twenty new farm laws passed in Iowa. 06/13/1976 1F:1 Land
115292 20 new farm laws passed in Iowa 06/13/1976 1F:1 Law - Iowa
115293 Iowa's women mayors - a list of women who head the municipal government in 06/13/1976 6B:4 Mayors
115294 Iowan's Medal of Honor pleas go unheeded - Pete Briles wants to be included 06/13/1976 5A:1 Medal of Honor (United States)
115295 Nine Iowa women to go to military academies 06/13/1976 1A:1 Military Service
115296 Can Alton's Lock 26 handle the load? 06/13/1976 1A:4 Mississippi River
115297 New Guthrie season - the Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater will open its eight-p 06/13/1976 7B:1 Minneapolis - Theater
115298 A matching game: Pets and their people. 06/13/1976 1E:1 Pets
115299 Peter De Vries sets story in Iowa - I Hear America Swinging. 06/13/1976 3B:1 Books and Reading
115300 Bill Bodish set sail on a dream, awake to a nightmare sea. 06/13/1976 13A:1 Boats and Boating