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115421 Honey locust trees throughout Iowa are currently being attacked by sap-suck 06/20/1976 13C:1 Trees - Diseases and Pests
115422 Topsy-turvy appeal 06/20/1976 1B:1 Trucks
115423 Liberal retreat on defense 06/20/1976 1B;1 United States - Defenses
115424 Iowa State University program on weight loss - 39 overweight students lost 06/20/1976 12C:1 Weight (Physiology)
115425 Jerry Brown's futile charge 06/20/1976 10B:4 Gallup Poll
115426 Few Iowans disapprove of abortion: Iowa Poll 06/20/1976 9A:1 Iowa Poll
115427 Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company, which does nearly $5 million worth of 06/20/1976 1F:5 Insurance, Health
115428 A little-known group called the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care has decide 06/20/1976 4F:4 Insurance, Health
115429 Linda and Paul Donelson of Bagley and Nancy and Art Allen are all ordained 06/20/1976 3A:2 Women and the Church
115430 Gallup Poll sees Jimmy Carter victory over Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan 06/21/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
115431 Looking for loopholes 06/21/1976 8A:1 Campaign Funds
115432 Wrong location 06/21/1976 8A:1 Oldenburg, Claes
115433 Telephone factory' now a museum, Ellston, Iowa. 06/21/1976 1B:1 Museums
115434 South African riots. 06/21/1976 8A:1 South Africa
115435 Rosier outlook. 06/21/1976 8A:1 Economic Conditions
115436 Fear encephalitis, eight cities in Iowa to trap mosquitoes 06/21/1976 1A:4 Encephalitis
115437 Gallup Poll sees Jimmy Carter victory over Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan 06/21/1976 1A:5 Gallup Poll
115438 Iowa ballot ruling riles Gus Hall (Communist Party candidate) and Gene McCa 06/22/1976 1A:2 Presidential Candidates
115439 Iowans lead move to block the Ronald Reagan forces 06/22/1976 7A:1 Presidential Candidates
115440 Des Moines city manager pay boosted to $37,746, council also grants raises 06/22/1976 1A:6 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.