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1281 School dispute 09/12/1965 22G:1 Amish in Iowa
1282 Need for more doctors, Health Professions Educational Assistance Act. 09/12/1965 22G:1 Medicine
1283 Davenport's defiant role. 09/12/1965 1L:3+ Daylight Savings
1284 Iowa Poll: 50 percent favor, 43 percent oppose daylight savings time (DST). 09/12/1965 20G:3 Daylight Savings
1285 Kiwanians asked to aid; objectives 09/12/1965 8L:1 Ear Bank
1286 Brief statistics from ten years of operation 09/12/1965 8L:1 Eye Banks
1287 Three Iowa counties ready to participate in food stamp plan, four others ap 09/12/1965 22G:1 Food Relief
1288 Over 85,00 in United States this year 09/12/1965 15G:4 Foreign Students
1289 Secrecy in Youth Corps pacts told 09/12/1965 1L:3 United States Labor, Department of -- Youth Opportunity Program
1290 Iowans for Peace in Vietnam organized 09/12/1965 3L:5 Vietnam
1291 Editorial quoting Abel Wolman. 09/12/1965 22G:1 Water Supply
1292 Pictures and description of Ham House (Dubuque), Plum Grove (Iowa City), Le 09/12/1965 1W:entire page+ Historic Houses, etc.
1293 Robert H. O'Brien, of Council Bluffs Nonpareil, new president; directors li 09/12/1965 4L:3 Iowa Daily Press Association
1294 State costs soar, $6,600 for one welfare case 09/12/1965 1L:8+ Insurance, Health
1295 Urged for counties, cities, school districts 09/12/1965 3L:1 Investment of Public Funds
1296 Organizational meeting 09/12/1965 3L:5 Iowans for Peace in Vietnam
1297 Jail improvement law unenforceable, counties urged to act on own. 09/13/1965 8:01 Prisons
1298 Sizeable majority favors Iowa-Iowa State competition. 09/13/1965 1S:2 College Athletics
1299 Counties face higher bills for patient care. 09/13/1965 1:5+ Mental Illness
1300 Shared time classes. 09/13/1965 8:01 School Children - Transportation