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1781 Birth control. 10/17/1965 18G:1 Paul VI, Pope
1782 How acquittal of Thomas Coleman looked to Europeans 10/17/1965 18G:3 Negroes in the United States
1783 How Conservatives can sink GOP (Grand Old Party). 10/17/1965 18G:3 Republican Party
1784 3-1 student vote backs campus drinking at Utica College. 10/17/1965 6G:1 Colleges and Universities
1785 Drew University to fire professor supporting Viet Cong victory. 10/17/1965 3L:6 Colleges and Universities
1786 Negro: Cubans getting jobs 10/17/1965 1G:7+ Cubans in the United States
1787 Sugar Act quotas, lobbyists 10/17/1965 18G:1 Sugar
1788 Nation's tenth leading killer 10/17/1965 5G:1 Suicide
1789 Iowans see United Nations as 'fairly effective' 10/17/1965 18G:4 United Nations
1790 Nationwide protests 10/17/1965 1G:8+ Vietnam
1791 Halt protest in Des Moines; pickets in Iowa City 10/17/1965 1L:6+ Vietnam
1792 788th Air Force Radar Squadron 10/17/1965 4-5+ Waverly, Iowa
1793 Metric system favored by informed Americans 10/17/1965 5G:6 Gallup Poll
1794 How Union views Amish case, letter from Union chairman 10/17/1965 19G:2 Iowa Civil Liberties Union
1795 See United Nations as 'fairly effective' 10/17/1965 18G:4 Iowa Poll
1796 Leaves October 19 for Japan 10/17/1965 1L:2 Hughes, Harold E.
1797 Fire safety program 10/17/1965 4L:5 Iowa. State College, Cedar Falls
1798 Convention; Layman's award to J.W. Fisher. 10/17/1965 1L:1 Iowa State Education Association
1799 Concern about traffic ordinances 10/17/1965 7L:2 Iowa. State University of Science and Technology, Ames
1800 Iowa State University center 10/17/1965 7L:7 Iowa. State University of Science and Technology, Ames