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421 Jerry Mark trial witness says 'Jerry hated Les'. 06/08/1976 9A:2 Murder
422 Restaurant inspection fee increase gets initial okay. 06/08/1976 1A:4 Restaurants - Inspection
423 Two Iowa schools to share superintendent, cut costs - the two schools are M 06/08/1976 9A:1 School Districts
424 Limit on loans scrubs Des Moines flood project 06/08/1976 3A:1 Flood Prevention and Control
425 The president of the Iowa State Education Association says collective barga 06/08/1976 11A:1 Teachers - Salaries
426 Vote machines jamming feared 06/08/1976 6A:2 Voting
427 Jury selection rule rapped by Indians lawyers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 06/08/1976 5B:3 Indians of North America
428 Taxing pollution. 06/07/1976 8A:1 Pollution
429 President Ford: Private schools need not integrate, if they receive no fede 06/07/1976 1A:6 Private Schools - Federal Aid
430 Who decides? 06/07/1976 8A:1 Atomic Power
431 John Miller's days of high living are over; prison awaits him, Des Moines. 06/07/1976 10A:1 Crime and Criminals
432 President Ford: Private schools need not integrate, if they receive no fede 06/07/1976 1A:6 Segregation in Education
433 Setback for long trucks 06/07/1976 8A:1 Trucks
434 Will hippies change United States through love? 06/07/1976 6:03 United States -- Social Life and Customs
435 Another commission axed 06/07/1976 8A:1 Government Employees
436 Another commission axed. 06/07/1976 8A:1 Iowa. Employment Security Commission
437 State Senator Minette Doderer of Iowa City says she would like to be Iowa's 06/07/1976 6A:1 Iowa -- Governors
438 University of Northern Iowa offers dinner theater - Summer theatre '76 offe 06/07/1976 1B:2 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
439 What else must Jimmy Carter do to be 'certified' as liberal? 06/06/1976 2B:1 Presidential Candidates
440 15 Iowa legislators face challenges in primary. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Primaries