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441 Difference is style in K. Fulk - J. Murray race. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Candidates, Political
442 15 Iowa legislators face challenges in primary. 06/06/1976 18A:1 Candidates, Political
443 Why did R. Turner drop probe of pal? Weak case, he says; others charge pol 06/06/1976 1A:1 Public Officers
444 Rail lines for recreation. 06/06/1976 1B:1 Railroads
445 Three Iowa rape victims tell their stories. 06/06/1976 1E:1 Rape
446 Prosecutor of rapists is mother of eight - Assistant Polk County Attorney, 06/06/1976 p. 4 Rape
447 Iowa's homebuilding industry is staging a comeback from the slumps and rece 06/06/1976 1F:1 Building
448 Support for Henry Kissinger 06/06/1976 10B:1 Kissinger, Henry A.
449 A titillation of terms - Steve Moravec, a high school English teacher in Th 06/06/1976 1C:1 Language and Languages
450 Prosecutor of rapists is mother of eight - Assistant Polk County Attorney, 06/06/1976 Picture: 4 Lawyers
451 Ill-advised lobbying 06/06/1976 1B:1 Lobbying
452 A question for couples: Why have I decided to marry you? 06/06/1976 3E:1 Marriage Counseling
453 Study: Fewer malpractice claims filed by Iowans. 06/06/1976 4F:4 Malpractice
454 Many Medal of Honor winners traditionally considered to be Iowans are missi 06/06/1976 3A:1 Medal of Honor (United States)
455 Immortal words, public relations style. 06/06/1976 1B:1 Baseball
456 Des Moines' Old Home Hotel goes, 16 men flush for now - the hotel is being 06/06/1976 1A:2 Municipal Improvement
457 Battle plans drawn up in sewer war. 06/06/1976 1A:3 Municipal Improvement
458 Ames sixth graders get a bitter taste of politics and war - Fellows School, 06/06/1976 5E:1 School Children
459 President Ford not biting bullet on pay, Representative Charles Grassley sa 06/06/1976 3A:4 Congressmen
460 Trustee: Drain Lake Panorama. 06/06/1976 1A:5 Conservation