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681 Department of Transportation's (DOT) road plan incites Iowans' ire - map sh 05/25/1976 5A:1 Roads - Iowa
682 Curbs on massage parlors removed from the state's crime bill. 05/25/1976 1A:5 Crime and Criminals
683 Confusion on Iowa's sodomy law. 05/25/1976 10A:1 Crime and Criminals
684 Confusion on Iowa's sodomy law 05/25/1976 10A:1 Sex and Law
685 Deer crashes window at Dowling classroom, Des Moines. 05/25/1976 8A:2 Deer
686 The Vietnamese view 05/25/1976 10A:1 Vietnam
687 Jerry Brown third in Gallup Poll of Democrats 05/25/1976 12A:1 Gallup Poll
688 A state employees group files suit in Story County District Court seeking t 05/25/1976 3A:6 Government Employees
689 Iowa House refuses debate on loophole that allows some corporations to avoi 05/25/1976 3A:1 Income Tax
690 Money for politics. 05/24/1976 6A:1 Campaign Funds
691 Pete Bitting: no minced words, no pulled punches 05/24/1976 7A:2 Candidates, Political
692 African no man's land. 05/24/1976 6A:1 Africa
693 Murder trial of Jerry Mark begins May 24, 1976 05/24/1976 2B:3 Murder
694 Criminal code revision: A long winding road. 05/24/1976 1A:5 Crime and Criminals
695 Limiting area colleges 05/24/1976 6A:1 Junior Colleges
696 Polk County Attorney Ray Fenton intends to revive the use of the couty gran 05/24/1976 3A:3 Justice, Administration of - Local
697 5th District race: style, not issues - J. Murray, K. Fulk in low-key strugg 05/23/1976 1A:1 Candidates, Political
698 Iowa's aviation ace soars into Hall of Fame - some of the details of his hi 05/23/1976 6A:1 Chamberlin, Clarence Duncan
699 Jessica's world - Jessica from Des Moines, was just past her first birthday 05/23/1976 1C:1 Children - Management and Training
700 R. Turner has a case. 05/23/1976 1B:1 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.