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741 A-bombs to South Africa? 05/21/1976 18A:1 Atomic Weapons
742 Curbs on sale of pornography are voted down by a conference committee of th 05/21/1976 1A:4 Obscenity (Law)
743 Volga Lake plan goes back to Iowa Senate. 05/21/1976 8A:4 Conservation
744 Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS) board votes against taking direct 05/21/1976 2B:2 Drugs
745 Training at dam ends in tragedy at Cedar Rapids - one fireman drowned and a 05/21/1976 1A:5 Firemen
746 A package of proposals that would give tax breaks to owners of moblie homes 05/21/1976 4A:2 Taxation
747 Okay to clearcutting 05/21/1976 18A:1 Trees
748 Friendly Fire: Final Chapter 05/21/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
749 Scant discord on Concorde among Iowans 05/21/1976 14A:1 Iowa Poll
750 Curbs on sale of pornography are voted down by a conference committee of th 05/21/1976 1A:4 Immoral Literature and Pictures
751 Gloria Steinem lauds women's efforts in Iowa - Gloria Steinem, 42, an edito 05/21/1976 2B:1 Woman - Equal Rights
752 Failure of young adults to vote cuts President Ford support in primaries 05/20/1976 13A:2 Presidential Candidates
753 Riding the seesaw 05/20/1976 18A:1 Presidential Candidates
754 'Witchhunt' against chiropractors seen in filing of Iowa lawsuits. 05/20/1976 10A:1 Chiropractors
755 Property tax increase of 8.7% seen - the average Des Moines homeowner to pa 05/20/1976 1A:6 Property Tax
756 Map shows projected property tax increases or decreases, in percentage, for 05/20/1976 16A:2 Property Tax
757 Polk County Attorney Ray Fenton says that a misdemeanor charge filed agains 05/20/1976 4A:2 Police
758 Controlling the purse 05/20/1976 18A:1 Budget - United States
759 Shameless Spiro Agnew. 05/20/1976 18A:1 Agnew, Spiro T.
760 Senate-House conference committee considering a revision of the state's cri 05/20/1976 8A:6 Alcoholism