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881 Dozens of controversial issues separating the Iowa House and Senate version 05/14/1976 18A:1 Crime and Criminals
882 Battle of the flags 05/14/1976 22A:1 Flags
883 M. Udall versus Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/13/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
884 Another Tuesday 05/13/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
885 The manager of Dee Heim's campaign to become the Democratic nominee for Pol 05/13/1976 3A:2 Candidates, Political
886 The Iowa Air Quality Commission begins consideration of the state's first o 05/13/1976 16A:1 Air Pollution
887 Why Lock 26 is bottleneck for Midwest river traffic 05/13/1976 14A:3 Mississippi River
888 C. Pickard, 85, takes wings to pedal bike across United States - Pickard, 8 05/13/1976 1A:2 Bicycling
889 Grand Prix at Statehouse is proposed, Des Moines 05/13/1976 1A:4 Automobile Racing
890 Polk County Sheriff Dick Clemens is asking the Board of Supervisors to cons 05/13/1976 12A:1 Obscenity (Law)
891 Four months after pleading guilty to rape and extortion charges in connecti 05/13/1976 12B:3 Obscenity (Law)
892 Bare bones budget' barer still as Des Moines City Council rejects appeal 05/13/1976 8A:2 Municipal Finance
893 Des Moines officials question national finance disclosure study 05/13/1976 9A:5 Municipal Finance
894 Des Moines school panel to recommend some closings. 05/13/1976 9A:4 School Attendance
895 Iowa House of Representatives approves a $17 million appropriation for road 05/13/1976 2B:1 Roads - Iowa
896 Lyle O. Tenold, who was fired as Carroll County superintendent of schools i 05/13/1976 4A:1 School Superintendents and Principals
897 A revised report on the progress the State of Iowa is making toward equal h 05/13/1976 3A:1 Discrimination in Employment
898 A bill established "performance auditing" and "program budgeting"- names fo 05/13/1976 3A:5 State Finance
899 In pretty good shape 05/13/1976 14A:1 United States - Armed Forces
900 Apologies are due 05/13/1976 14A:1 United States Federal Bureau of Investigation