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114001 Local community action agencies recruit poor to help poor. 10/03/1965 20G:3 Poverty
114002 Pupils in room with ideal thermal conditions learn faster, do better work i 10/03/1965 1L:2+ Classrooms
114003 Not to seek Birch Society support. 10/03/1965 20G:1 Reagan, Ronald
114004 Who gets drafted - and when? 10/03/1965 This Week:2+ Military Service, Compulsory
114005 Turns down invitation to arts and humanities bill signing. 10/03/1965 20G:1 Miller, Arthur
114006 Favor new car safety features at higher cost. 10/03/1965 20G:3 Automobiles - Safety Devices and Measures
114007 Willie Mays and 'new' Birmingham 10/03/1965 20G:3 Negroes in the United States
114008 180 acre River Hills project to pay 5-fold tax increase in Des Moines 10/03/1965 1L:8+ Municipal Improvement
114009 Calendar of events, 3 months of entertainment, culture and information even 10/03/1965 6W:1 Des Moines, Iowa
114010 Deserves home rule. 10/03/1965 20G:1 District of Columbia
114011 Find cities refuse federal educational opportunities survey 10/03/1965 4G:3 Education
114012 State losses forty percent greater than in same period a year ago 10/03/1965 3L:1 Fire
114013 fourteen of every 1,000 teachers were struck by students last year; teacher 10/03/1965 1G:2 Teachers
114014 Community theater boom in Iowa 10/03/1965 1W:entirepage + Theater - Community and Little Theater Movement
114015 Full page map, with name index 10/03/1965 13G:1 Vietnam
114016 Seen as trap for Grand Old Party 10/03/1965 20G:3 Vietnam
114017 President Johnson popularity slips to sixty-three percent 10/03/1965 10G:1 Gallup Poll
114018 'Dog swims' in Iowa and Missouri 10/03/1965 1L:1 Gambling
114019 10.6 billion contributed to philanthropy by Americans in 1964; percentages 10/03/1965 6G:3 Giving
114020 Cedar Rapids students have long hair cut by peers. 10/03/1965 1L:7 Haircutting