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115101 How Irish, Scots and Welsh prospered in Iowa 11/09/1957 4C:1 Immigrants in the United States
115102 A survey on problems experienced by Negroes in Waterloo shows discriminatio 07/10/1955 4L:5 Discrimination
115103 Iowa State Education Association recently empowered its executive board to 02/22/1953 5L:1 Iowa State Education Association
115104 Iowa State Education Association considers purchase of "The Manor," former 02/08/1953 5L:7 Iowa State Education Association
115105 Census bureau announced 1950 figures for cities of 100,000 or more in popul 01/21/1952 3:01 Population
115106 Sound tax policy 08/24/1947 4:01 Taxation
115107 Injustice to windows 02/17/1947 1B:1 Taxation
115108 District Court Judge H. Vietor denies contest on gift law 01/26/1927 10:06 Justice, Administration Of
115109 Claim Job Corps camp pollutes Mammoth Cave 21:07 United States Job Corps
115110 Des Moines Latin group for Senator McGovern. 2B:6 Presidential Candidates
115111 Interfaith chapel's first wedding, Colfax pp. 20-21 Churches
115112 Union men walk out on Governor Ray's speech. 8:04 Ray, Robert D.
115113 University of California accepts regular enrollment for credit for course t Communism
115114 The 'flavor of Dubuque' comes through to support orchestra 7:05 Dubuque Symphony
115115 Chief Warrant Officer Douglas S. Vergamini, 25, Council Bluffs Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115116 Army Specialist 4 John D. Skirvin, 21, Fairfield Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115117 Army Specialist 4 Daniel Fell, 21, Des Moines Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115118 Doctor K. Hammel, 27 Burlington, Captain in Army Dental corps, dies in jeep Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115119 Army Private First Class Bill Bull, 20, Lake City Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115120 First Lieutenant William McKibben, 26, Marshalltown Vietnam - Iowans Killed