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115121 Army SPecialist 4 William D. Thorpe, 19, Jesup Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115122 Army Private First Class Russell C. Scully, 20, Ottumwa Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115123 Army Specialist 4 Tim Newell, 24, Des Moines Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115124 Army Captain Wayne McConkey, 27, Shenandoah Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115125 Army Private First Class Gary L. Abrahamson, 19, Walker Vietnam - Iowans Killed
115126 Charge United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration 'secrecy United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration
115127 A good year for rice in Iowa 8 Weddings
115128 Women legislators 16-17 Iowa. General Assembly
115129 Iowa's past in harvests rises today 13:01 Iowa - History
115130 Not 'vocational vs. academic', but both, at area schools ? Junior Colleges
115131 Upturned noses for River City boy on arts council Willson, Meredith
115132 Senator Hughes' plan for Vietnam pullout 1:08 Hughes, Harold E.
115133 Four join Senator Hughes in war demand 1:02 Hughes, Harold E.
115134 Midwest Indians to meet at Waverly September 25-27 1T:6 Indians of North America
115135 "Non" party asks University of Northern Iowa vote 4L:5 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
115136 Six in ten people oppose bombing cities in North Vietnam 6G:1 Vietnam
115137 Support mounts for troop pullout this year: Gallup Poll. 1G:2 Vietnam
115138 "Thieu and Nguyen Cao Ky are personally honest, but the power base contains 7:04 Schwengel, Fred
115139 Specific Pathogen free hog surgery used on human 1F:1 Swine
115140 I smoked 'pot' in WWII 1"2 Hughes, Harold E.