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1561 Ending an absurdity. 04/03/1976 14A:1 Chemicals
1562 Karl Fischer is a full-time attorney - and part-time garbage collector - he 04/03/1976 1A:1 Refuse and Refuse Disposal
1563 $450,000 Cascade drive to save Aquin schools set. 04/03/1976 5B:1 Parochial Schools, Catholic
1564 Hint attempt to oust Roger Pease as 3rd district GOP co-chairman. 04/03/1976 3A:1 Republican Party
1565 Mandatory term for 3-time loser voted by Iowa House. 04/03/1976 3A:6 Crime and Criminals
1566 Van Horne Council yields in firemen's beer fuss 04/03/1976 3A:2 Firemen
1567 Compensate Vietnam? 04/03/1976 14A:1 Vietnam (Democratic Republic)
1568 Governor Edward Brown in fourth place in Democratic scramble 04/03/1976 7A:1 Gallup Poll
1569 K. Burns weighs 'strike' action by employees in the Polk County Social Serv 04/03/1976 2B:2 Government Employees
1570 Nearly 5,000 Iowa farms have been designated "Century Farms" - list of Iowa 04/03/1976 16A:4 Iowa - American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
1571 Law held in contempt 04/03/1976 14A:1 Iowa. State Fair Board
1572 Spring comes to University of Iowa: False fire alarms. 04/03/1976 2B:5 Iowa. University, Iowa City
1573 Iowa Senate votes 3-year plan for tax aid - 27-21 tally sends bill to House 04/02/1976 1A:1 Property Tax
1574 Ho Hum,' say Iowans of John Fitzgerald Kennedy loves. 04/02/1976 12B:2 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
1575 See probe of $19,146 lost in traffic fines, Polk County 04/02/1976 5B:3 Local Finance
1576 Stiff criminal penalties fail in Iowa House. 04/02/1976 19A:1 Crime and Criminals
1577 Retroactive seniority 04/02/1976 18A:1 Discrimination
1578 Bizarre United Nations action. 04/02/1976 18A:1 South Africa
1579 James Langenberg charges Marshall County, Iowa is lax on food stamp fraud 04/02/1976 3A:5 Food Relief - United States
1580 Representative Mezvinsky defends funding plan for further revenue sharing 04/02/1976 18A:3 Taxation