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1721 Tax hodgepodge. 03/23/1976 6A:1 Property Tax
1722 Dictating to doctors. 03/23/1976 6A:1 Physicians
1723 Jolt to branch rail lines in grain study, says some elevators should use tr 03/23/1976 1A:1 Agriculture - Iowa
1724 Council 'no' to botanical site near city hall, east-downtown protests cited 03/23/1976 1A:6 Municipal Improvement
1725 Polk County Sheriff Dick Clemens says he will resume serving out-of-county 03/23/1976 1A:5 Fines (Penalties)
1726 Jobless everywhere 03/23/1976 6A:1 Unemployment
1727 Hubert Humphrey still top choice of Democrats for nomination 03/23/1976 2B:1 Gallup Poll
1728 How jury saw it 03/23/1976 6A:1 Hearst, Patricia Case
1729 Campus living plans set back: sewer problem - the Des Moines Area Communit 03/23/1976 3A:1 Junior Colleges
1730 Iowa towns lured by 'guarantee' to find doctor - A California firm can plac 03/22/1976 1A:2 Physicians
1731 Doing something special. 03/22/1976 10A:1 Colleges and Universities - Iowa
1732 Department of Transportation (DOT) studies shift to save farm land, cuts in 03/22/1976 1A:1 Roads - Iowa
1733 Biggest Iowa tree-planting program nears - about 40,000 trees will be plant 03/22/1976 10B:2 Conservation
1734 Attorney General Turner: I'm no obstructionist on crime bill. 03/22/1976 1A:4 Crime and Criminals
1735 Biggest Iowa tree-planting nears - about 40,000 trees will be planted this 03/22/1976 10B:2 Erosion
1736 Flaws in revenue sharing 03/22/1976 10A:1 Taxation
1737 France quits the 'snake' 03/22/1976 10A:1 France
1738 Politics may play key role in Polk County judge selection 03/22/1976 9A:1 Judges
1739 Decisive role by independent voters: Gallup Poll. 03/21/1976 7A:3 Presidential Candidates
1740 Young Republicans in Iowa vote for Ronald Reagan. 03/21/1976 8A:4 Presidential Candidates