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114301 24-hour crime watch in Calhoun County. 07/18/1971 9T:8 Law Enforcement - Iowa
114302 He'd shift tax base 02/08/1970 9T:k Teachers - Salaries
114303 Bring college to the physically handicapped at Younker Rehabilitation Cente 05/21/1967 9W College Education
114304 Bringing college to the physically handicapped, Younker Rehabilitation Cent 05/21/1967 9W Handicapped
114305 Retired persons' class at First Baptist Church in Des Moines is instructed 11/19/1967 9W:1 Adult Education
114306 Does your child have presidential attributes? 08/04/1968 9W:1 Presidents - United States
114307 First Lieutenant Mary Walker won, lost highest honor. 02/23/1969 9W:1 Medal of Honor (United States)
114308 Emphasis on grammar, spelling, not on communication skills. 04/12/1970 9W:1 Language Arts, Study and Teaching
114309 Emphasis on grammar, spelling, not on communication skills 04/12/1970 9W:1 Education
114310 A difficult situation: teaching children about death. 02/07/1971 9W:1 Children and Death
114311 On Iowa's calendar 06/07/1970 9W:2 Festivals
114312 Are accident-prone persons different? 11/15/1970 9W:4 Accidents
114313 Fortnightly Music Club of Des Moines presents $1,000 gift to Drake. 12/06/1970 9W:4 Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
114314 The Reverend James Lewis and family among thirty-four missionaries rescued 02/06/1968 ;2 Vietnam
114315 Iowa Adult Education Association Award goes to Ernestine Grafton, director 05/09/1970 ? Rewards, Prizes, Etc.
114316 8,000 elderly, blind and disabled persons in central Iowa may be eligible f 01/17/1974 ? Insurance, Social -- United States
114317 Not 'vocational vs. academic', but both, at area schools ? Junior Colleges
114318 Iowa business review and outlook--Iowa's new day of opportunity 01/07/1968 A:1-28 Iowa
114319 Business review--the industry of Iowa, another year of remarkable growth 01/07/1968 A:29-56 Iowa
114320 Special on a new kind of American railroad - Burlington Northern. 09/13/1970 advertisement Railroads