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115041 Fine Arts Festival has become Dubuque artists' traditional showplace--a whi 10/13/1968 Picture, p. 9 Art - Exhibitions
115042 Winners in autumn-in-Iowa color contest. 11/03/1968 Picture, p. 9 Photography
115043 Winners in winter-in-Iowa color contest 02/16/1969 Picture, p. 9 Photography
115044 Color contest winners 11/23/1969 Picture, p. 9 Photography
115045 How much time does man have left? A few decades, scientist warns, unless b 07/05/1970 Picture, p. 9 Authors
115046 How much time does man have left? A few decades, scientist warns, unless b 07/05/1970 Picture, p. 9 Asimov, Isaac
115047 Rare old organ once owned by gypsies will be an Iowa State Fair attraction. 08/11/1968 Picture, p.1 Organ
115048 New duck stamp by Iowa artist, Maynard Reece, on sale July 1 06/29/1969 Picture, p.14 Artists
115049 "The best advice I ever received", by B. Onweller, president of Peets Feeds 04/12/1970 Picture, p.2 Agriculture
115050 The background of a Medal of Honor man, Lieutenant Robert J. Hibbs of Cedar 05/28/1967 Picture, p.4+ Medal of Honor (United States)
115051 "We live the same simple life," says Jacqeline Susann - no orgies - expert 07/19/1970 Picture, page 14 Marriage
115052 Rare old lithographs made in Amanas. 04/02/1967 Picture, page 2 Art
115053 Mr. And Mrs. J. Mabon recently started their married life with a drive arou 10/12/1969 Picture, page 8 Marriage
115054 An Oktoberfest in the Amanas. 10/30/1966 Picture, pp 14-15 Amana Society
115055 Good neighbors help out in the Amanas' Oktoberfest. 10/26/1969 Picture, pp 20-21 Amana Society
115056 The old-world Christmas spirit in an Amana home. 12/22/1968 Picture, pp 4-5 Amana Society
115057 The Delta Queen is nearing the end of romantic era on the big river 10/19/1969 Picture, pp. 14-15 Mississippi River
115058 Iowan photagraphs prize-winning art of the Alaskan Eskimo. 03/16/1969 Picture, pp. 1-2 Photography
115059 Sacred harp music, for singers, not listeners, comes to Iowa City 12/14/1969 Picture, pp. 10-11 Music
115060 Elliots hope their art collection at Iowa State University will lead to oth 10/05/1969 Picture, pp. 10-13 Art