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501 The best advice I ever received by Judge Luther T. Glanton, Des Moines 07/18/1971 Picture: 2 Newspapers - Advice Columns
502 The best advice I have ever received by Ralph Wahrer, director of adult edu 08/01/1971 Picture: 2 Newspapers - Advice Columns
503 Blame the generation gap on television and 'instant change' 08/02/1970 Picture: 16 Parent-Child Relationship
504 It was a big day in Butler County, New Hartford 05/21/1972 Picture: 10 Pan American Day and Week
505 University of Iowa library takes on a new look 11/12/1972 Picture: 1 Libraries
506 7/9/75. What were you doing on this date? For some Iowans it was a day of 09/07/1975 Picture: 1 Life
507 Career opportunities in insurance. 01/19/1969 Picture, section 2, p. 26 Occupations
508 How Iowa mountaineers met the challenge of East Africa's peaks--and its wil 03/31/1968 Picture, pp12-13 Africa
509 The crisis in one area of education--does the non-public school have a futu 04/13/1969 Picture, pp.4-7 Parochial Schools
510 What is a bargain at an Iowa farm auction? 04/27/1969 Picture, pp.20-21 Auctions
511 The radiance of Des Moines Art Center 05/18/1969 Picture, pp.20-21 Art - Galleries and Museums
512 The sad story of humorist Ralph Schoenstein - 'A Human Rerun' 04/12/1970 Picture, pp.20-21 Authors
513 How Iowa girls' basketball opened a Californian's eyes - and purse 12/14/1969 Picture, pp.14-15 Long, Denise
514 Nelson Pioneer Farm Museum sponsors seminar in Early American Crafts. 07/21/1968 Picture, pp.10-12 Art - Galleries and Museums
515 Prehistoric burial site near Boone. 08/24/1969 Picture, pp. 9-11 Archeology
516 How Mennonites solve problem of too many similar names in Kalona. 12/04/1966 Picture, pp. 8-9+ Mennonites
517 A voice from 'the Good Old Days'. 09/01/1968 Picture, pp. 8-9 Antiques
518 Old communal village being restored. 09/22/1968 Picture, pp. 8-9 Architecture - Conservation and Restoration
519 African wedding feast at Waterloo exhibit. 05/18/1969 Picture, pp. 7-9 Africa
520 Cornell College students and faculty experience introduction to new art for 11/09/1969 Picture, pp. 7-8 Art