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661 A badger gets surly if awakened too early 04/20/1969 Picture, p. 15 Animals
662 Creative photography on University of Iowa campus. 03/22/1970 Picture, p. 15 Photography
663 How you can cope with it all 05/10/1970 Picture, p. 14-17 Authors
664 Where scouting opens a new life 04/06/1969 Picture, p. 14-15 Mentally Handicapped Children
665 Iowa State ponders title for new mural in electrical engineering building. 08/18/1968 Picture, p. 13 Mural Painting and Decoration
666 More winners in summer color contest. 08/24/1969 Picture, p. 13 Photography
667 How two counties help their retarded children 06/22/1969 Picture, p. 12-14 Mentally Handicapped Children
668 What Iowa State's new audience means to Ames 10/26/1969 Picture, p. 12-14 Ames, Iowa
669 A young Iowa artist who makes it pay 01/26/1969 Picture, p. 12 Artists
670 How Pearl Buck's glowing faith in United States faded as she saw beloved id 06/07/1970 Picture, p. 12 Authors
671 In the late 1840's, Henry Lewis turned out scores of sketches--a number wer 01/14/1968 Picture, p. 10 Artists
672 More prize-winners in summer color contest. 07/28/1968 Picture, p. 10 Photography
673 Sidney High School band, champions for 21 years--community support big help 01/26/1969 Picture, p. 10 Music
674 Bremer County children and plum blossoms win prize in contest 04/21/1968 Picture, p. 1 Nature
675 The Delta Queen, last of her kind, to make Iowa trip again this year 06/16/1968 Picture, p. 1 Mississippi River
676 A modern example of the art of Iowa's pioneers - a painting with natural st 07/21/1968 Picture, p. 1 Art
677 Waterloo man's photograph of Iowa City boy takes first prize in summer colo 07/28/1968 Picture, p. 1 Photography
678 Dana Swalwell, Newton girl, is one of three Iowa "natural beauties" offered 08/18/1968 Picture, p. 1 Models (Persons)
679 A summer scene in Hamilton County. 09/01/1968 Picture, p. 1 Art
680 Four centuries of man versus Mississippi 12/05/1971 Picture, p. 36 Mississippi River