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721 A year-round plant 'study'. 04/07/1974 Picture Magazine:4 Iowa. University, Iowa City
722 Sue Follon's middle name is 'flak' - she is the new executive director of t 04/04/1976 Picture Magazine:4 Woman - Equal Rights
723 The best advice I ever received by Paula Brown, wife of Des Moines engineer 07/05/1970 Picture Magazine:2 Women
724 The best advice I ever received by Mrs. Ann Aschenbrenner, 1970 Iowa Women' 12/06/1970 Picture Magazine:2 Women
725 The best advice I ever received by Mrs. E. G. Burke, "Miss Universe of 1957 02/14/1971 Picture Magazine:2 Women
726 The best advice I ever received by Mrs. David E. Gilchrist, of Dubuque 05/23/1971 Picture Magazine:2 Women
727 Women legislators in Iowa 02/26/1967 Picture Magazine:16-17 Women
728 "Sweet assassins" and the Liberation Movement 02/14/1971 Picture Magazine: 4 Woman - Equal Rights
729 Speaking of Women's Liberation--meet a veteran Iowa railroader 05/09/1971 Picture Magazine: 4 Woman - Equal Rights
730 A handsome new addition to Iowa's cultural climate is the Virgil M. Hancher 12/17/1972 Picture Magazine: 4 Iowa. University, Iowa City
731 In Women's Liberation a better life for men 12/06/1970 Picture Magazine: 23 Woman - Equal Rights
732 'It's really no joke' -- a Cedar Rapids view of women's rights 04/30/1972 Picture Magazine: 2 Woman - Equal Rights
733 University of Iowa Natural History Museum life brightens for a 'neglected s 04/29/1973 Picture Magazine: 14 Iowa. University, Iowa City
734 A little girl's life was in his hands, could he dare try for another miracl 08/16/1970 Picture : 4 Authors
735 Pulitzer winner John Robinson--a photographer. 06/25/1972 Picture 4:1 Photographers
736 A talk with Jack Olds at work in the arts 06/25/1972 Picture 2:1 Artists
737 Iowa's Good Earth - The beginning of a portfolio, 1975.January 4, 1976 01/04/1976 Picture Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Five
738 Drifting, dreaming and drinking, men with their futures behind them - "orig 05/31/1970 P:9 Vagabonds
739 Riding the road with an Iowa trucker 01/06/1974 P:8 Trucks
740 Model? No, lady veterinarian - Doctor Jo Lynn Minard, staff person at the E 08/18/1974 P:6 Veterinarians