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1421 Albin J. Nelson Memorial Fund has been established. 01/12/1969 9T:3 Luther College
1422 For full-time school librarians. 05/04/1969 9T:3 School Librarians
1423 Found address thoughtful 06/29/1969 9T:3 Moral Conditions
1424 Proud of Hughes 09/14/1969 9T:3 Hughes, Harold E.
1425 Raise funds for Vietnam War Memorial, Cedar Rapids. 11/23/1969 9T:3 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1426 Raise funds for Vietnam War Memorial, Cedar Rapids 11/23/1969 9T:3 Vietnam
1427 R. Power and J. G. Boat offer their services as co-chairmen of 1969-70 Pell 11/30/1969 9T:3 Central College, Pella, Iowa
1428 Bubbling' boats in winter storage. 11/30/1969 9T:3 Boats and Boating
1429 Bronze star to Orville L. Huston, Air Force master sergeant 12/07/1969 9T:3 Medals
1430 Bronze star to Army Sergeant Walter Horn 12/07/1969 9T:3 Medals
1431 Workshops for Catholic Iowa women 12/07/1969 9T:3 Women
1432 College sing set at Pella. 02/01/1970 9T:3 Central College, Pella, Iowa
1433 Pledge University of Iowa sororities. 02/22/1970 9T:3 College Fraternities
1434 Northwest Missouri State College names honor students from Iowa. 02/22/1970 9T:3 College Students
1435 Pledge University of Iowa sororities 02/22/1970 9T:3 Iowa. University, Iowa City
1436 South Dakota honors list. 03/01/1970 9T:3 College Students
1437 North Iowa Area Community College sets additional testing session, April 17 04/05/1970 9T:3 Nurses and Nursing
1438 Iowa Aeronautics Commission annual fly-in events for the summer months. 05/10/1970 9T:3 Aviation
1439 Favors bargaining for agriculture. 05/17/1970 9T:3 Agriculture
1440 Birth control. 05/17/1970 9T:3 Birth Control