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115241 You and your insurance 01/23/1966 entire issue Insurance
115242 You are ruining our postal service. Thirty million letters end up in the De 07/27/1969 12 United States Post Office Department
115243 You can afford this special vacation, if you plan 05/26/1970 9:01 Vacations
115244 You can analyze your corn profits by computer for $180. 06/30/1974 1F:1 Agriculture
115245 You can become an expert on wood ducks but it takes early rising, and patie 04/06/1969 p. 4-6 Birds
115246 You can buy car insurance -- if representative is clean 07/03/1969 20:02 Insurance, Automobile
115247 You can enroll your child in Iowa State University (I.S.U.) puppet workshop 07/27/1969 2T:1 Puppets and Puppet Plays
115248 You can find religion at Iowa's State Fair 08/18/1975 1:02 Iowa. State Fair
115249 You can fool all of the people...and they did 04/25/1976 1C:1 Hoaxes
115250 You can fool all the people... and they did 04/25/1976 1C:1 Iowa - History
115251 You can get a ticket for worn tires 01/30/1972 1C:7 Tires, Automobile
115252 You can get education, but--- 12/26/1971 1B:7 Handicapped
115253 You can halt obscene mail 06/23/1969 1:04 Immoral Literature and Pictures
115254 You can have a nice wedding without going into bankruptcy 07/08/1970 9:01 Weddings
115255 You can plant new trees before your elms die - here's how 09/14/1969 3T:1 Trees
115256 You can rear penny-pinching kids in age of affluence 03/13/1970 13:01 Finance, Personal
115257 You can swim under guard in Bermuda or stay here in peaceful, friendly Iowa 06/09/1968 pp.10-11 Swimming
115258 You could lose your home by filing errors. 04/07/1974 1A:5 Property Tax
115259 You don't have to become an obsolete wife. 02/04/1969 9:01 Marriage
115260 You don't have to grow it! 12/27/1970 1W:1 Clothing and Dress