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115301 "Outstanding" diary honor for Anita farm couple. 07/29/1970 13:02 Rewards, Prizes, Etc.
115302 "Outraged", Attorney E. Berkin quits Bar groups over Glenn arrest 11/19/1970 3:06 Lawyers
115303 "Optimism" for Indians told by Dr. N. Scott Monday, Professor at University 01/22/1971 8:01 Indians of North America
115304 "Operation We Care" in Dubuque to provide gifts for Viet GIs. 10/31/1965 5L:7 Vietnam
115305 "Operation Native Son" will try to keep talent in state 12/26/1965 1L:8+ Labor Supply
115306 "Operation Listen" officials told of rural Iowa problems 08/27/1971 3:06 Federal and State Relations
115307 "Open news" policy 11/30/1968 6:01 United States -- State, Department of
115308 "Only the president can..." maybe that isn't true 09/30/1970 6:04 Presidents - United States
115309 "One man's pornography is another man's realism" 11/04/1970 10:03 Immoral Literature and Pictures
115310 "On Capitol Hill"--Iowa Insurance Committee, L. Worthington, proposes panel 01/04/1971 4:01 Insurance, Automobile
115311 "On Being a Contemporary Christian," an essay in Time magazine. 04/18/1968 6:07 Christianity
115312 "Olympics" for retarded youths 06/22/1969 8G:3 Mentally Handicapped Children
115313 "Olympics" for mentally retarded is May 21 at Drake 05/17/1970 2T:5 Mentally Handicapped Children
115314 "Olympics" for mentally retarded is May 21 at Drake 05/17/1970 2T:5 Sports
115315 "Oldsters" back in college for money, knowledge. 07/12/1970 2T:1 College Education
115316 "Oil fever" hits near Unionville. 12/06/1970 12L:2 Oil
115317 "Oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches" - a living Christmas tree 12/09/1973 3E:1 Christmas Trees
115318 "Oh pathetic man! What are you?" Drake Professor Riggs' comments while view 07/23/1972 1C:3 Eclipses
115319 "Nursing: great career for a man" - Steve Berich is a Kirkwood College nurs 09/22/1974 6E:1 Nurses and Nursing
115320 "Not license to kill." 02/13/1970 10:03 Property