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115601 "Approved" by laymen 02/06/1966 18G:1 Krebiozen
115602 "Anti-people" of the universe 08/06/1971 8:05 Harris, Sydney
115603 "Another Mother for Peace" now 200,000 strong. 12/13/1970 3W:1 Peace
115604 "Anamosa Eureka", 1908--curse of America was lack of discipline 09/14/1969 4T:5 Moral Conditions
115605 "An Evening of Opera Scenes" presented by Drake University College of Fine 11/20/1969 8:01 Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
115606 "An Evening of Opera Scences" presented by Drake University College of Fine 11/20/1969 8:01 Drama
115607 "American Gothic" tour under auspices of Iowa State Arts Council. 08/15/1971 7T:1 Art - Exhibitions
115608 "America is very much my home now" 09/16/1969 2:02 Alliluyeva, Svetlana
115609 "Amendment to end the war", sponsors McGovern, Hatfield, Goodell, Cranston, 05/19/1970 6:06 Hughes, Harold E.
115610 "Ambitious women need no liberation": Daughters of the American Revolution 03/26/1971 4:01 Daughters of the American Revolution
115611 "Ambitious women need no liberation": DAR Head, Mrs. E. F. Seimes 03/26/1971 4:01 Woman - Equal Rights
115612 "All you gotta do is smile, Des, and take it off.." 07/20/1975 p. 10 Entertainers
115613 "Advantages" on Iowa beef. 06/25/1971 16:02 Meat Industry and Trade
115614 "Academic freedom," coaches to ban mustaches? 12/16/1970 6:01 Clothing and Dress
115615 "Academic freedom" to ban mustaches? 12/16/1970 6:01 Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
115616 "A Woman's Place" by Iowa League of Women Voters clarifies role 12/05/1965 1W:1 Women
115617 "A President has damned few friends" - Lyndon Baines Johnson. 08/25/1968 pp. 4-6 Presidents - United States
115618 "A pleasant life," says John Sullivan's wife - Simpson College. 10/18/1970 4W:1 Physical Directors
115619 "A Piece of Each of Us Died". 11/19/1967 This Week, p.8 Mansfield, Michael J.
115620 "A new kind of Hitlerism from the left" is behind troubles at San Francisco 02/02/1969 5G:5 Colleges and Universities