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321 Blame the generation gap on television and "instant change." 08/02/1970 Picture:16 McLuhan, Marshall
322 Indian treasures at museum - new exhibit of State Historical Building. 11/08/1970 Picture:16 Museums
323 Farmer Gerald Meylor paints a mural of Iowa farm life on a barn door. 08/23/1970 Picture:14 Mural Painting and Decoration
324 American art: a 'revolution'--"Twenty-five Years of American Painting: 194 03/04/1973 Picture:14 Art - Exhibitions
325 Mason City art exhibit. 11/22/1970 Picture:12 Art - Exhibitions
326 When Luther played in Soldier Field. 12/13/1970 Picture:12 Luther College
327 How love enriches personalities of those who experience it fully. 08/01/1971 Picture:12 May, Rollo
328 Art captures the look of rural America 07/23/1972 Picture:12 Art - Exhibitions
329 A summer visit to New Salem - restored village where young Lincoln lived. 06/02/1968 Picture:11 Lincoln, Abraham
330 Wide range of interests in University of Iowa art accessions; including art 05/16/1971 Picture:11 Art - Exhibitions
331 "We Can Not Escape History" Why biographer's life is not an easy one - W. M 10/11/1970 Picture:10 Manchester, William
332 "We Can Not Escape History" Why biographer's life is not an easy one - W. 10/11/1970 Picture:10 Authors
333 An Iowa girl's study of life in South Korea 01/10/1971 Picture:10 Korea (Republic)
334 It's tulip time this week in Pella. 05/05/1974 Picture:10 Pella, Iowa
335 Dutch 'esses', tulips, bologna - and Harry Durkes. 05/02/1976 Picture:10 Pella, Iowa
336 Indianola's 'All-Kid' library - decorated by children for children, the bas 09/15/1974 Picture:1 Libraries and Readers
337 First major buildings completed. 03/27/1966 Picture: pp.4-6 Midwestern College
338 Iowa's role in the Legion's half-century. 06/08/1969 Picture: pp. 4-8 American Legion
339 Alas!, says Evans, Bergen, cursing is a lost art 06/20/1971 Picture: 9 Authors
340 The metrics are coming! The metrics are coming! But nobody's much alarmed a 04/08/1973 Picture: 9 Metric System