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761 At Mason City - Learning what makes a town tick 12/02/1973 p.6 Education - Iowa
762 Step right up and buy some knowledge --Iowa City youngsters study economics 05/06/1973 p.5 Education - Iowa
763 At Iowa City the 'one-room' school concept revived - Willowwind School 09/23/1973 p.5 Education - Iowa
764 Discovery day - field trip to the Lake Macbride Field Campus near Iowa City 12/02/1973 p.5 Education - Iowa
765 The movement movement - dance in the school program at Ames 04/21/1974 p.5 Education - Iowa
766 Iowa community theaters now going 'on tour' around the state 05/19/1968 p.4-9 Theater - Community and Little Theater Movement
767 Clinton's exciting 'paddlewheel players' 08/04/1968 p.4-7 Theater
768 Fifty years at the Community playhouse 09/22/1968 p.4-7 Theater - Community and Little Theater Movement
769 Iowa Community at Daytonville turns an educational corner as string of 100 05/15/1966 p.4-6, 9 Student Withdrawals
770 A Civil War Veterans' parade seventy-five years ago - the day they put the 08/03/1969 p.4-5 Flags - United States
771 Those decisions you make, are they really your own? 03/01/1970 p.4-5 Galbraith, John Kenneth
772 Drake art students in Venice 04/12/1970 p.4-5 Foreign Students
773 Little Red School house - 1970 model. How a teacher's dream came true, Ack 12/20/1970 p.4 Education - Iowa
774 Home Start Program success in Waterloo--a new challenge to young minds 03/14/1971 p.4 Education - Iowa
775 'The new land' Iowa style: a Uganda family finds refuge 12/23/1973 p.4 Foreign Visitors in the United States
776 Pisgah people is good people 11/17/1974 p.4 Television Advertising
777 Woman, blacks break barrier 05/18/1975 p.4 Police
778 Last days of old Hoover elm 01/21/1968 p.21 Elm - Diseases and Pests
779 Cartoon villainy gets a bum rap - violence on television may not hurt child 10/19/1969 p.21 Television Broadcasting
780 A This Week Special: the dramatic story of democracy under attack - revolt 09/01/1968 p.2-8 Violence