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821 Job 'bumping' in Department of Transportation gets green light, fear plan w 05/17/1976 1A:1 Transportation
822 Friendly Fire: Chapter 30 05/17/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
823 Job 'bumping' in Department of Transportation gets green light, fear plan w 05/17/1976 1A:1 Government Employees
824 Democrats versus Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/16/1976 4A:5 Presidential Candidates
825 Father Smith wages quiet campaign against violence, Davenport, Iowa. 05/16/1976 4E:5 Priests
826 'Breaker, breaker' in a Dubuque classroom - Vincent Williams, who is teache 05/16/1976 1C:1 Citizens Radio Service
827 Property tax forecast - higher still. 1976-77 projections exceed relief me 05/16/1976 1A:6 Property Tax
828 Counties' tax askings. 05/16/1976 10A:1 Property Tax
829 Cities' tax askings. 05/16/1976 10A:3 Property Tax
830 Best property tax relief; higher income taxes. 05/16/1976 1B:3 Property Tax
831 A learning experience: Teachers swap jobs, Des Moines. 05/16/1976 11E:1 Public Schools
832 To pull utility plug or nor to pull? - Should utilities be allowed to turn 05/16/1976 3A:1 Public Utilities
833 Lawyer-doctor showdown over malpractice coming in Iowa. 05/16/1976 13A:1 Malpractice
834 Polk County Medical Examiner Doctor (Dr.) Richard C. Wooters - umpire of 'u 05/16/1976 Picture: 6 Medical Examiners (Law)
835 Wrong turn hurt a bit, but C. Pickard's rolling now, Mechanicsville, Virgin 05/16/1976 6A:1 Bicycling
836 Mississippi and Missouri River sites for nuclear generators? 05/16/1976 16A:1 Atomic Power Plants
837 Iowans doubt book on Richard Nixon's 'final days.' 05/16/1976 11A:1 Nixon, Richard Milhous
838 Ah, the memories... when Mulberry was the liveliest street in town 05/16/1976 1C:1 Des Moines, Iowa
839 Middle, low-income Iowans more confident of economy. 05/16/1976 12A:1 Economic Conditions
840 Law and tyranny 05/16/1976 1B:1 Freedom of the Press