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114281 Bid to ease 'pot' law in Iowa loses, Iowa House defeats proposal, 60 to 34. 04/20/1976 1A:6 Marijuana
114282 Iowa Senate's Commerce Committee okays bill to urge reports of malpractice. 04/20/1976 8A:1 Malpractice
114283 50 parents of Mexican-American and Latin-American students meet with Des Mo 04/20/1976 13A:1 Mexicans In The United States
114284 Unironed sheets 04/20/1976 12A:1 Motels
114285 Impatience in Panama 04/20/1976 12A:1 Panama and the United States
114286 Iowa's oldest Catholic school to close at Dubuque - Saint Raphael's Cathedr 04/20/1976 1B:1 Parochial Schools, Catholic
114287 Des Moines Council okays $50,000 for power fight, money is voted to hire sp 04/20/1976 1A:1 Municipal Finance
114288 Won't reveal whose bullet killed D. Mayner. 04/20/1976 9A:1 Crime and Criminals
114289 Friendly Fire: Chapter 3 04/20/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114290 Unironed sheets 04/20/1976 12A:1 Hotels, Taverns, Etc.
114291 Des Moines area Jews protest Russia at Indianola game; 10 ejected 04/20/1976 1A:2 Jews in Iowa
114292 Taxpayer unit asks board to cut the budget at the Des Moines Area Community 04/20/1976 11A:2 Junior Colleges
114293 Officer firing fatal Mayner bullet told - Winthrop Police Officer Phillip A 04/21/1976 3A:5 Police
114294 Unit seeks Iowans with refunds coming - a list of persons who cannot be loc 04/21/1976 12A:1 Property Tax
114295 K. Fulk's two hats. 04/21/1976 10A:1 Public Officers
114296 Successful Farming magazine poll: Many farmers call United States Departmen 04/21/1976 5A:2 Public Opinion Polls
114297 Sounds of school. 04/21/1976 10A:1 Public Schools
114298 Successful Farming magazine poll: Many farmers call United States Departmen 04/21/1976 5A:2 Agriculture
114299 Week in jail for drunk drivers okay'd, tough proposal adopted by Iowa House 04/21/1976 1A:1 Alcoholism
114300 Republican State Senator William Plymat, Colonel Howard S. Miller, and Publ 04/21/1976 5A:4 Alcoholism