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114561 Iowa gag order. 05/06/1976 16A:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
114562 Russell Means shot; nab 5 in Sioux City 05/06/1976 1A:3 Indians of North America
114563 Iowa Senate rejects handgun curbs; votes rape law change. 05/07/1976 3B:1 Rape
114564 Pocahontas, Spencer gamble on air service. 05/07/1976 1A:2 Airlines
114565 Donald Rowan, president of the South Central Iowa Federation of Labor drops 05/07/1976 8A:1 Alcoholism
114566 Reporting malpractice. 05/07/1976 26A:1 Malpractice
114567 A Dutch treat begins at Pella. 05/07/1976 3A:1 Pella, Iowa
114568 Retirement income taxed. 05/07/1976 26A:1 Retirement From Business, Etc.
114569 Polk County Democrats have scheduled a county nominating convention for Jun 05/07/1976 18A:1 Democratic Party
114570 Iowa Senate rejects handgun curbs: votes rape law change 05/07/1976 3B:1 Firearms
114571 Retirement income taxed 05/07/1976 26A:1 Taxation
114572 Iowa House approves bill setting procedure for firing teachers 05/07/1976 15A:1 Teachers
114573 Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network translators soon for South East and N 05/07/1976 4A:2 Television in Education
114574 Representatives of several Iowa cities are in Des Moines to urge legislator 05/07/1976 22A:1 Transportation
114575 Hear no evil 05/07/1976 26A:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
114576 Friendly Fire: Chapter 20 05/07/1976 1A:5 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114577 Parts of a hotel where members of the Iowa Air National Guard were staying 05/07/1976 1A:6 Iowa - Air National Guard
114578 1,100-unit apartment plan gets Des Moines panel 'no' vote 05/07/1976 7A:2 Housing
114579 State Insurance Commissioner William Huff III has scheduled a hearing on pr 05/07/1976 13A:5 Insurance, Life
114580 The Iowa Advisory Council on Community Corrections votes to turn control of 05/08/1976 8A:1 Prisons