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114881 The 'Junk Food Junkie' and his audience of 21 - Larry Groce plays for a sm 05/23/1976 20 Iowa. State Training School for Girls, Mitchellville
114882 222 wealthy Iowans paid no '74 tax: Study released Saturday by State Repre 05/23/1976 16A:1 Income Tax
114883 Money for politics. 05/24/1976 6A:1 Campaign Funds
114884 Pete Bitting: no minced words, no pulled punches 05/24/1976 7A:2 Candidates, Political
114885 African no man's land. 05/24/1976 6A:1 Africa
114886 Murder trial of Jerry Mark begins May 24, 1976 05/24/1976 2B:3 Murder
114887 Criminal code revision: A long winding road. 05/24/1976 1A:5 Crime and Criminals
114888 Limiting area colleges 05/24/1976 6A:1 Junior Colleges
114889 Polk County Attorney Ray Fenton intends to revive the use of the couty gran 05/24/1976 3A:3 Justice, Administration of - Local
114890 An unwashed brain 05/25/1976 10A:1 Presidential Candidates
114891 Jerry Brown third in Gallup Poll of Democrats 05/25/1976 12A:1 Presidential Candidates
114892 Dee Heim: Sheriff's job administrative, not patrol. 05/25/1976 6A:2 Candidates, Political
114893 State Comptroller Marvin Selden asks Black Hawk County District Court to, i 05/25/1976 10B:2 Property Tax
114894 Willis Huff to quit as Iowa Insurance Commissioner. 05/25/1976 3A:2 Public Officers
114895 Iowa House balks on $6000 raise for Attorney General Richard Turner. 05/25/1976 5A:6 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
114896 Just talking about Africa? 05/25/1976 10A:1 Africa
114897 Bicentennial blues: Joseph S. Pickett, senior, 67, president of the Joseph 05/25/1976 1A:1 American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration
114898 Land-use bill rejected by Iowa Senate, little chance is seen for revival th 05/25/1976 1A:6 Land
114899 A ceremony honoring Iowans who have been awarded the Medal of Honor for war 05/25/1976 2B:3 Medal of Honor (United States)
114900 Iowa's Second District congressman, Democrat Michael Blouin, discloses his 05/25/1976 2B:4 Blouin, Michael T.