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115021 Tears and tempers as legislature ends 05/30/1976 1A:4 Iowa. General Assembly
115022 Governor Ray: 1976 session both good, bad 05/30/1976 14A:2 Iowa. General Assembly
115023 Initiative for Iowa? 05/30/1976 1B:1 Iowa - Politics and Government
115024 United States 'second class power' say 20 percent of Iowans 05/30/1976 12A:1 Iowa Poll
115025 United States '2nd class power' say 20% of Iowans 05/30/1976 12A:1 World Politics
115026 H. Humphrey even with Gerald Ford, leads Ronald Reagan in Gallup test 05/31/1976 4A:1 Presidential Candidates
115027 Convicted slayer Gary Frazer sought after jail escape, Independence, Iowa. 05/31/1976 1A:3 Prisoners
115028 Legislators with diabolical scheme to protect themselves in the upcoming el 05/31/1976 8A:1 Candidates, Political
115029 Bob Rice's opponents see him as the man to beat. 05/31/1976 5S:2 Candidates, Political
115030 Punishing the public. 05/31/1976 6A:1 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
115031 Our speech is funny. 05/31/1976 6A:1 Language and Languages
115032 Legislators with diabolic scheme to protest themselves in the upcoming elec 05/31/1976 8A:1 Legislators, Iowa
115033 Slower rise in crime? 05/31/1976 6A:1 Crime and Criminals
115034 Twenty-five of the 47 delegates that Iowa will send to the Democratic Natio 05/31/1976 1A:6 Democratic Party
115035 Manipulated media 05/31/1976 6A:1 United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
115036 Hubert Humphrey even with Gerald Ford, leads Ronald Reagan in Gallup test 05/31/1976 4A:1 Gallup Poll
115037 Some Iowans may pay twelve percent more for natural gas 05/31/1976 1A:5 Gas, Natural
115038 List shows the percentage of change in residential gas rates in 111 Iowa to 05/31/1976 3A:6 Gas, Natural
115039 The Legislature: legacy for 1977 05/31/1976 1A:5 Iowa. General Assembly
115040 Thirteen employees of the Polk County clerk of court's office have contribu 06/01/1976 3A:1 Campaign Funds