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115061 Labor policy could end 340 jobs created to ease unemployment - up to 110 em 06/02/1976 3A:1 Government Employees
115062 Legislature's record 06/02/1976 10A:1 Iowa. General Assembly
115063 Jury acquits D.M. officer in arson case. 06/02/1976 1A:5 Justice, Administration of - Local
115064 Sample ballot, Primary Election, June 8, 1976. 06/03/1976 6B:1 Primaries
115065 Iowa liquor retailers criticize use of minors as undercover agents. 06/03/1976 11A:3 Liquor Laws and Regulations -Iowa
115066 Iowa Beef contests Internal Revenue Service tax claims 06/03/1976 1A:5 Meat Industry and Trade
115067 6-horsepower boat limit at Pleasant Creek Lake near Palo. 06/03/1976 3A:1 Boats and Boating
115068 Plan network of Iowa store bank machines. 06/03/1976 11A:1 Banks and Banking
115069 Jerry Mark's wife not in court: May be called to testify. 06/03/1976 3A:5 Murder
115070 Iowa Conservation Commission rejects plan to fill Saylorville this summer. 06/03/1976 1A:2 Conservation
115071 Journalist Dean. 06/03/1976 12A:1 Dean, John Wesley III
115072 Plans told for new Iowa City shopping center, Eastdale Mall 06/03/1976 3B:2 Shopping Centers
115073 Aid to dictators. 06/03/1976 12A:1 Economic Assistance, American
115074 Another bid made to save Delta Queen. 06/03/1976 5A:5 Steamships and Steamboats
115075 Special transportation aid 06/03/1976 12A:1 Transportation
115076 Cancel plans to lay off fifty road workers - the Department of Transportati 06/03/1976 3B:3 Transportation
115077 Harm from heated water? 06/03/1976 12A:1 Water Pollution
115078 Cancel plans to lay off fifty road workers - the Department of Transportati 06/03/1976 3B:3 Government Employees
115079 Brown's Woods, a 484-acre timber tract in southwest Des Moines, will be dev 06/03/1976 3A:3 Iowa -- Parks and Reserves
115080 Polk County Sheriff candidates fire salvos. 06/04/1976 17A:1 Campaign Funds