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115521 A group of east downtown businessmen who opposed locating a proposed botani 06/26/1976 3A:4 Botanical Gardens
115522 Player sale nullified. 06/26/1976 14A:1 Baseball
115523 Cure worse than disease? 06/26/1976 14A:1 School Children - Transportation for Integration
115524 The People's Food Conference focuses on the plight on the consumer, Ames, i 06/26/1976 2B:5 Food supply
115525 Two fired college teachers file bias complaints 06/26/1976 3A:1 Teachers
115526 Iowa trappers favor red fox 06/26/1976 7A:2 Trapping
115527 Defuse the rivalry 06/26/1976 14A:1 United States -- Foreign Relations
115528 Iowans visiting Russian farms treated like 'real celebrities' 06/26/1976 3A:1 Visitors, Foreign - Russia
115529 FBI Director Clarence Kelley and two congressmen are subpoenaed to testify 06/26/1976 1A:4 Indians of North America
115530 Jimmy Carter leads everywhere 06/27/1976 10B:1 Presidential Candidates
115531 Society's Outcasts - A life behind bars. 06/27/1976 1A:1 Prisoners
115532 Canoeing a delight on Shell Rock River. Limestone formations make area uniq 06/27/1976 5D:4 Canoes and Canoeing
115533 Jimmy Carter leads everywhere. 06/27/1976 10B:1 Carter, Jimmy
115534 Diary of a reluctant mother. 06/27/1976 1E:1 Children
115535 The Drake University Municipal Observatory's 'stargaxer' is retiring and le 06/27/1976 10A:1 College Professors and Instructors
115536 Your Deeproots calendar for July, 1976 06/27/1976 7C:2 Calendar
115537 Keeping eye on Amish 06/27/1976 1B:1 Amish in Iowa
115538 Vetoing Angola. 06/27/1976 1B:1 Angola
115539 The metric system doesn't stand a chance if Iowa is any example of people's 06/27/1976 5C:1 Metric System
115540 Economic upswing gloomy news to Army recruiters in Iowa 06/27/1976 12A:1 Military Service