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115601 Governor Robert D. Ray is scheduled to announce the appointment of Thomas M 06/30/1976 1A:5 Public Officers
115602 Pushing the B1. 06/30/1976 8A:1 Airplanes, Military
115603 Will continue renewal project in Iowa City. 06/30/1976 12B:6 Municipal Improvement
115604 City spending lid is upset, Judge voids 9 percent limit on budgets - offici 06/30/1976 1A:6 Municipal Finance
115605 The State School Budget Review Committee gives the Des Moines School Distri 06/30/1976 3B:1 School Finance
115606 The play, "Saints," written by former University of Iowa playwriting studen 06/30/1976 1B:3 Drama
115607 Let recipient decide what kind of aid it recieves, World Food meeting told, 06/30/1976 3A:1 Food supply
115608 Internationl Business Machines heads list of Des Moines's top ten taxpayers 06/30/1976 3A:1 Taxation
115609 Change on voluntary-quit 06/30/1976 8A:1 Unemployment
115610 Governor Robert D. Ray is scheduled to announce the appointment of Thomas M 06/30/1976 1A:5 Iowa Civil Rights Commission
115611 Terrace Hill funds running low again 06/30/1976 3A:5 Historic Houses, etc.
115612 Study shows dip in summer enrollment at state universities. 08/14/1976 3:06 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
115613 New director's aim: Orchestra as pride of Iowa 08/27/1976 2L:1 Des Moines Symphony Orchestra
115614 Auditions for orchestra 09/12/1976 14:04 Des Moines Symphony Orchestra
115615 Forget stocks, bonds... invest in dolls - story of Ethel Lorraine Seamer of 09/21/1976 p. 8 Dolls
115616 Marines take Des Moines -- musically 11/01/1976 6:01 United States Marine Corps
115617 2 day music invasion by Iowa youth 11/19/1976 3T:7 Des Moines, Iowa
115618 Survey- conducted by Marilyn Boyd Neidig of Iowa City as part of her work f 12/06/1976 8:05 School Superintendents and Principals
115619 Strengthened law enforcement, Model Cities, business district improvement a 12/17/1976 9L:5 Des Moines, Iowa
115620 Enrollment at 52 colleges rises 15% to 84,670; list by college. 01/09/1977 21A:1 Colleges and Universities - Attendance