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1361 Pioneer school buildings and modern, pictures. 09/19/1965 1W, 4W Public Schools
1362 68% feel trade mission will aid Iowa. 09/19/1965 20G:3 Business - Foreign Expansion
1363 Iowa City Public Library, Story Hour Room. 09/19/1965 picture section: p8+ Libraries
1364 Pope will relax mixed marriage laws. 09/19/1965 3G:2 Marriage
1365 Experimental 9-week program for deaf-retarded at Gelnwood 09/19/1965 4L:2 Mentally Handicapped
1366 Opens October 6 in Denison with over 500 students. Doctor (Dr.) Richard M. 09/19/1965 3L:1 Midwestern College
1367 Public favors different program. 09/19/1965 5G:2 Military Service, Compulsory
1368 Seek to set freight tonnage mark on upper river 09/19/1965 4L:1 Mississippi River
1369 Wilkins wonders where Negro is pampered 09/19/1965 20G:3 Negroes in the United States
1370 Bigger role for party leaders. 09/19/1965 20G:1 Republican Party
1371 Clocks and cabbages and Edgar Allen Poe. 09/19/1965 20G:1 Daylight Savings
1372 Bigger role for party leaders. 09/19/1965 20G:1 Democratic Party
1373 Annex Pacific Islands 09/19/1965 20G:1 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
1374 Richard Wilson on secrecy 09/19/1965 20G:3 United States Post Office Department
1375 Water Quality Act of 1965. 09/19/1965 20G:1 Water Pollution
1376 Favor different draft program 09/19/1965 5G:2 Gallup Poll
1377 Iowa-Nebraska case before United States judges 09/19/1965 1L:1 Iowa - Boundaries
1378 Trade mission will aid Iowa, 68 percent feel 09/19/1965 20G:3 Iowa Poll
1379 3 Iowa housewives hired as job experts, form Task Force for Women 09/19/1965 1L:6+ Iowa. State Manpower Development Council
1380 Medical Aid to Aged, MAA, must be cut, state's plan ranks among most libera 09/19/1965 1L:8+ Insurance, Health