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1381 New word from God? 04/15/1976 14A:1 God
1382 Joseph Tate, the executive director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, wi 04/15/1976 4A:3 Iowa Civil Rights Commission
1383 Murder conviction overturned by Iowa Supreme Court due to illegal C.R. poli 04/15/1976 4A:1 Justice, Administration of - Iowa Supreme Court
1384 Polk County officials have promised sheriff's deputies that their pay check 04/14/1976 5A:1 Police
1385 Property tax relief bill is sent to Governor Ray, Iowa House votes homeowne 04/14/1976 1A:6 Property Tax
1386 Limitations on local budgets, adopted as part of a property tax package pas 04/14/1976 1A:5 Property Tax
1387 Iowa House GOP votes open caucuses in order to rage against the Democrats' 04/14/1976 6A:1 Property Tax
1388 Anti-federal dogma. 04/14/1976 8A:1 Agriculture
1389 Board delays bid to rename Gray's Lake, Des Moines. 04/14/1976 6A:5 Lakes
1390 Small airlines' mail contracts terminated - the move will "have no effect" 04/14/1976 3A:1 Mail Handling
1391 State Health Commissioner Norman Pawlewski repents after asking prayer for 04/14/1976 3A:5 Meredith Corporation
1392 Discouraged atheist 04/14/1976 8A:1 Atheism
1393 Discouraged atheist. 04/14/1976 8A:1 Murray, Madalyn E.
1394 Limitations on local budgets, adopted as part of a property tax package pas 04/14/1976 1A:5 Municipal Finance
1395 Ex-Hungarian 'freedom fighter' loves the political wars - Jeno Berta, a 38- 04/14/1976 1A:1 Democratic Party
1396 Kidnapping dilemma 04/14/1976 8A:1 Venezuela
1397 Ames homeowners to face board to oppose Iowa State University land sale 04/14/1976 3A:1 Iowa. State University of Science and Technology, Ames
1398 Iowa's Democrats to debate ethics and code. 04/13/1976 3A:6 Political Ethics
1399 More power to alcoholism unit is voted by the Iowa House and sent to the Se 04/13/1976 3A:1 Alcoholism
1400 Mixed-up Lebanon. 04/13/1976 10A:1 Middle East