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1441 Senator Hughes blames politicians. 05/17/1970 9T:3 College Students
1442 Wants line held on teacher pay 05/17/1970 9T:3 Teachers - Salaries
1443 Hits 'mob rule' 05/17/1970 9T:3 Violence
1444 Pre-registration at North Iowa Area Community College begins June 1 05/24/1970 9T:3 Junior Colleges
1445 Wants pesticides out of food stores. 07/19/1970 9T:3 Pesticides
1446 John H. Burma, former member of Grinnell Faculty, is contributing editor of 10/11/1970 9T:3 College Professors and Instructors
1447 John H. Burma, former member of Grinnell faculty, is contributing editor of 10/11/1970 9T:3 Mexican - Americans
1448 John H. Burma, former member of Grinnell faculty, is contributing editor of 10/11/1970 9T:3 Editors and Editing
1449 University of Iowa student, J. Roger Titone, wins American Society of Mecha 12/20/1970 9T:3 Graduate Students
1450 Possibilities for year-round school 01/10/1971 9T:3 School Year - Length
1451 Women's Army Corps Chief says Doctor Arnold Reeve's venereal disease data i 01/31/1971 9T:3 Venereal Diseases
1452 Eighth edition of "Dukes' Physiology of Domestic Animals" is released by Co 02/14/1971 9T:3 Veterinary Medicine
1453 Samuel A. Edgington, fifty-three, is named postmaster at Osceola 03/14/1971 9T:3 United States Post Office Department
1454 Clean-up at Okoboji set for June 20 06/20/1971 9T:3 Environment
1455 "Will of God for politics" - First Political Congress of National Associati 07/04/1971 9T:3 Church and Politics
1456 Chester Hougen, state senator, defends letter, questions critic's loyalty 10/29/1967 9T:2 Free Speech
1457 Fifty-seven deaths in January on Iowa Roads 02/11/1968 9T:2 Traffic Accidents
1458 President Bowen: United States funds not tied to number of Negroes 05/19/1968 9T:2 Negro Students
1459 President Bowen: U.S. funds not ties to number of Negroes (The People's Ope 05/19/1968 9T:2 Iowa. University, Iowa City
1460 'TV' messages plan for G.I.s 06/09/1968 9T:2 Vietnam